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Can someone please help me with these questions? La ciudad --- muy bonita. . A.era. B.fue. C.eran. D.fueron. 30. --- la una de la tarde. . A.Fue. B.Eran. C.Fueron. D.Era. 31. Ayer yo --- a la ciudad de Panamá. . A.fuiste. B.voy. C.iba. D.fui

Curtis Rhodes

in Spanish

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on July 24, 2018

29. The correct answer is A. The city was very nice. 30. The correct answer is D. It was one in the afternoon. 31. The correct answer is D. Yesterday I went to the city of Panama NOTE: Of 29, he has the time. It is common to use the verb to be (and conjugations) to refer to a specific time of day (either in the past or present).On the 30 has the case of the verb to be in Pretétito Imperfect Indicative (or Copretérito). Basically this verb tense to describe an action or state in the past whose time limits, are not relevant. On the other hand the 31 refers to the verb to go in Present Perfect Simple, this is an absolute time because the action is considered use finished or global mode.

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