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Can someone help me with information about how to get Canada student visas?

I have always wanted to continue my studies in Canada, as it is a very beautiful country where I will enjoy studying and traveling. I want to know how to get a Canada student visa from USA. It would be great if someone from the US who studies in Canada can provide me with the necessary information about Canada student visas. I would also like to know the Canada student visa requirements for the US students. How much is a student visa?

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

1 answer

Ross Pratt on April 30, 2018

I study at a university in Vancouver, Canada. I want to tell you that it is a very good idea to come and study here, as you will experience a totally different lifestyle and culture in Canada. Nature is very beautiful, and the people are very friendly. Also, you will get to study with many other students from different countries from around the globe who you can share life experience with, talk about world cultures, and discuss scientific matters. Now I have many international friends from Africa, Asia, and Europe. If you want to know how to get a Canada student visa from the USA, just click on the link at the end of my answer and it will take you to the official Canadian government website that has all the information you may need regarding your application process. In general, it is not hard at all to get a Canadian student visa, especially for the US citizens, so you do not have to worry about anything. The website has a very nice and easy to use interface that will explain to you everything you need to do in detail. You can also apply for a student permit to study in Canada online through this website, which will be easier than applying on paper. On the left of the webpage, you will see other useful links, which will be helpful during the application process. Through them, you will get to know how much the application fees will be, check the processing time, and know more about the necessary medical checks. The Canadian student visa requirements are all listed on the webpage that I have told you about, which is only dedicated to theUS students. The requirements, in general, include the document checklist, visa office instructions, application for a study permit made outside of Canada, family Information, statutory declaration of Common-Law Union, and custodian declaration. About your last question regarding how much a visa for students cost, it is 150 Canadian dollars, and you can check that yourself through the second link at the end of my answer. The requirements may seem too much at the beginning, but once you start preparing your documents, it will all get easier, and it is really worth it, after all, to come and study here because of the great educational atmosphere.

Eric Batesa year ago

I also believe that it is a great idea to go and study in Canada, and I believe that every student needs to experience studying in a country abroad at some stage of his life. I got my master’s degree from the university in Canada a year ago, and it was a great experience, as I also had the chance to make many friends from other countries, organize language exchange meetings with them, and also travel with them around many interesting places in Canada. In general, it is not hard at all to get a Canadian student visa, just follow the steps written on the website mentioned in the answer above, and you can prepare all the documents within a couple of weeks max. I also want to advise you not to use other websites as they may contain false information regarding student visas in Canada. Many people want to study there, so there are some websites that try to scam international students.

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