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Can someone help me find some reliable continued education programs for graduate students?

I graduated university last year, and now I am looking for continued education programs so that I can study in distance learning universities. I know that there are many online websites that offer adult education courses for students from around the world, but I am looking for advice from someone who has tried online distance education before so that I can choose a reliable and recognized educational program from which I can get a good and recognized degree. Thank you so much for your help in advance.

Samantha Barber

in Higher Education

1 answer

1 answer

Jodi Brooks on April 30, 2018

I believe I can help you with what you are looking for when it comes to finding the best education courses for adults online. I have got my master’s degree from a recognized and reputable online university last year, and it was one of the best educational experiences I have ever had in my life. I really support and encourage you to do it, as now learning online is becoming more popular in many countries around the world. Before I signed up for my master’s degree in an online university, I was  worried and concerned how everything was going to be with the learning process. I didn’t know how to use computers very well, but after some time, I started getting used to everything, especially after completing a basic computer course on YouTube. It was very useful for me, and it taught me many useful facts and information about modern computers and how to use them in many different fields. My online teachers were very nice to me and always supportive unlike many of my high school teachers. It is definitely very important to choose the right subjects for your continued education program that you want to study and not to study any subjects that people just recommend in order to get a certain degree. I also want to advise you to read and do a lot of research on the subject you are studying so that you can gain more knowledge every day. I am going to tell you about my distance education online course as I believe it is one of the best courses that can be available online. It was mainly for two years, and I was usually attending six lectures every week with experienced professors online. They used to give me a lot of work to do every time I spoke with them, but I am very grateful of course because that is how I have managed to learn many facts and useful information during my studies. At the end of my answer, you will find a link to the distance learning university that I have got my master’s degree from, and I wish you may find it useful. You will find that it has many options for online students that you can choose from. I hope my answer was helpful and I wish you best of luck. 

Leigh Mann2 years ago

I am really happy that now there are many people who always try to improve themselves and learn more even after finishing university. I wish I could have been able to continue my studies after graduation, but I got too busy with my family. I know that there are many great distance learning universities right now that are available for people from around the world to study in, and I think that it is some sort of an online educational revolution that is happening right now. It has made it possible for many people who couldn’t afford to study in recognized universities to learn whatever they want online and from any place they want. Now I advise all my friends to study online whenever they have time. Good luck with your future educational online program.

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