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Can someone help me find some free online courses with certificates for students who want to learn programming?

I want to learn programming online so that I can work as a freelancer while I am traveling, and I was wondering if there might be some free online courses with certificates or online learning resources for those who want to learn programming online. My neighbor has recommended for me a very cool center for online education with a very nice interface, but unfortunately, I could not find any programming courses on it. I would really appreciate it if someone can help me. Thank you.

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on March 1, 2018

I have been using some very nice websites lately to learn computer science online and I think they will most probably be useful for you as they offer online courses with certificates for free. I am also a traveler and I have already been working as a freelancer for the past two years, but I am interested in learning computer science so that I can get a higher paying job online and work for fewer hours. So far, I have been only writing SEO and travel articles for different magazines and business organizations so that I can get a salary that would be enough for my traveling expenses. I think the both of us are aiming for the same thing right now and I wish that the website, which I am suggesting for you, would help you after all with all the programming courses you need. Here is the link to the website I am using: Just click on the link and start your learning adventure right away because I can guarantee that it is among the few best learning resources available online. If you are looking forward to getting a bachelor or an associate’s degree, then this is the website for you. It is an actual virtual online university called the University of the People. Its main aim is to educate different people from different nationalities for free and to enable them to get the degree they have always been looking for. It is also the world’s first tuition-free accredited university on the internet. If you already have a stable online freelancing career, it would be a very great opportunity for you to register in this university and start learning right away. Another good option for you is to study in the MIT: Yes, it is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It offers many online courses for free and for everyone to use, and it provides accredited certifications as well. I think having a certification from the MIT would guarantee you landing a job online in no time. I also believe it is one of the best online education centers available as it is the dream of many people around the world to study in the MIT. I wish you best of luck with your future freelancing career, and I hope you will be able to go to those countries you have always dreamed of visiting.

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