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Can someone help me find good school rating websites online?

I want to move my son to another school as soon as possible as he is having many problems in his current school. We are also going to move to another neighborhood. It would be great if someone can help me find a school rating website that shows public high school rankings or high school rankings by state. My colleagues have told me that there some websites online that shows K12 School reviews but I do not seem to be able to find a reliable website that I can totally depend on.

Whitney Matthews

1 answer

1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on March 6, 2018

I think that I can really help you with what you are looking for as I have been in the same situation a couple of months ago when I moved to another state. Me and my spouse were very confused at the beginning until we have found the most suitable school for our kids and now we are so glad that we made the right decision. At the beginning, we spent a lot of time looking for rankings of public high schools but we figured out later that this is not the most important thing to consider. School ratings can be different according to each one’s perception of what a good school should be like, but anyway, you will find a link at the end of my post to a website that will definitely help you in choosing the best school for your son. I personally advise you to make a shortlist of all the schools that are not so far away from your new location so that your kids won’t be spending most of their time on their way to school and back. If the school’s location will not be a problem for you, then you will definitely have more options to pick out the best school for your kids. This website will help you make up your mind as it shows high school rankings in many states in the US, and based on that, you can have a general opinion about the schools in your city according to their level of education, activities, playgrounds, and other specialties. The website will help you see all the schools in your district or neighborhood, and it will also show you the K12 reviews for each school. I also advise you to visit some of the schools with your son so that you can make sure he will like his new school. I personally believe that it is very important for your son to like his new school because any student will learn better and improve faster in a place where he feels comfortable and where he can make new likeminded friends who will share with him his passion for his most favorite hobbies and activities. My kids for example are very happy with their music teacher as they like to play the piano and now they are learning how to play the guitar in school.

Jordan Sotoa year ago

I have had the same problem with my son. He used to have problems with his classmates at school and he wanted to move to another school, but this was not the best solution. I now think through personal experience that it is better to teach your son how to solve his problems with his schoolmates before thinking about moving him to another school. Doing that may not be easy, but one way or another, I think each one has to learn how to deal with his problems and adapt with those who are around him. If that does not work out with him at all, then I think checking public high school rankings online may be a good option to choose a good new school for your son. I used such online websites before when I had to move to a new city and they really helped me and my wife until we made the final decision.

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