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Can someone give some tips regarding sports motivation?

I am trying to lose weight, and it is very important for me to get some sports motivation so that I can start doing some sports every day whenever I have time. Every time I want to start doing sports, I feel so lazy and demotivated. I am sure I am not the only one who feels like this. I think that doing sports will definitely improve my motivation and personality. I would really appreciate it if someone can give some tips that can show me how to improve motivation.

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

1 answer

Aaron Lee on July 30, 2018

I am a sports trainer and I can totally relate to what you are talking about. I was not born a sports trainer and it took a lot of dedication, commitment, and hard work to become who I am today. Ten years ago, I was fat and I had many problems with motivation, self-esteem, and self-confidence. My doctor told me that I had to lose weight urgently; otherwise, my health would be affected by my overweight. I made the decision back then, and I understood that many things have to be changed in my life so that I could stop taking a lot of medications and also improve my personality and motivation. I started by writing down in a notebook everything about myself and my goals I wanted to achieve in a year. I wrote down my skills, aims, dreams to become who I wanted to be.

The first thing you have to do is to convince yourself that you have no other choice but success. In addition, whenever you want to start doing sports, you have to think of the good results and imagine yourself with a powerful and a fit body. It is very important to think that you want it, not that you have to do it, that makes your brain more motivated to start working.

I have also found that dividing the tasks is very useful, and that is not only related to sport motivation, but to everything you want to do in your life. For example, instead of saying, “Today, I have to work out for 1 hour”, it is better to say, ”Today I want to work out for 10 minutes and then I will see how it goes”. Thinking this way makes every task simpler for your brain and also makes you think that you can easily work out for 10 minutes without a problem, and then you will get more motivated after the first 10 minutes to work out for an extra 10 minutes and so on.

These techniques sound good for improving motivation but they are worthless if you do not start applying them in your daily life. It is also a good idea to start following a certain monthly workout plan like insanity beach body for example, and it would be much better to do it daily with any of your friends.

Olive Wilson10 months ago

I totally agree with the answer above, as usually people only get demotivated because their brain thinks that working out is hard and it takes a lot of time. It is definitely a better idea to break down each task into smaller ones. I also want to advise you to use a bicycle as a means of transport instead of driving a car or taking the bus. It is fun, enjoyable, and it will also save you a lot of money if you use it on a daily basis. In addition, it will also make you lose weight in a short time. I have improved my sports motivation significantly since I started cycling to work every day instead of taking the bus. You should also start getting rid of bad habits such as smoking, drinking, and eating fast food, as they will make it harder for you to lose weight, and of course they are dangerous to your health.


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