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Can someone give me some tips for the right motivation for success?

I am really interested in knowing more about self motivation and learning so that I can start my own online business as soon as possible. I have recently quit my job, and I have decided to travel while working online. That is why I am in urgent need of the right motivation for success techniques that would make my dream come true. I would also like to know if it is possible to take an online motivation test on a well-known and trustful website. Thank you!

Brandon Scott

in Self Improvement

1 answer

1 answer

Justin Parker on August 16, 2018

I really want to congratulate you on the decision of quitting your job and starting to travel around the world while running your own online business. I wish I have had the courage to do the same many years ago when I had the chance. In the beginning, I want to tell you that, no matter what happened, never regret this decision because you will always have the time to work and do many jobs, but you won’t always have the time and energy to travel a few years from now. I understand that the corporate lifestyle could be very stressful for some people sometimes, especially for those who like to travel and enjoy the nature and culture of other countries. I regret I have not done the same many years ago, as I cannot do that now because of many responsibilities I have.I know quite a lot about successful motivation skills, as I have used them to improve my unique skills and become the general manager of one branch of my company. I am sure my job is different from yours but learning and motivation skills are always the same.

First, you have to write down all your thoughts about your future job and then come up with the best strategy or plan, then you have to do some research to see if your plan is easily applicable or it could be better to make some modifications to it. As a way of motivation, keep in mind that those people who have succeeded before and reached their goals are not better than you. Remember that reaching their goals was hard but not impossible. You should also take care of your daily lifestyle by eating healthy food and doing sports regularly.

In addition, try not to postpone anything that you want to do because sometimes later becomes never. No matter what, never lose hope because great things won’t come from your comfort zone and you will have to go out and search for success until you get it. If you want to know what motivates you most, take the online test of motivation so that you can have a better understanding of your motivations. You will find the link to the test at the end of my answer. I really wish my answer was helpful to you and I wish you best of luck with all your dreams. 


Wilson Hansena year ago

After reading the answer above, I have decided to take the motivation test so that I can know more about what drives me the most. Surprisingly, the results were very precise, as I have always thought that such computer online tests are not always accurate. I also think that a healthy lifestyle is essential for anyone who wants to reach his goals, as a daily cardio workout, for example, will improve anyone’s mood and make him more eager to finish all his daily tasks without getting tired or bored. There was a time when I had to work on myself in order to make some important lifestyle changes in my life, and it was not easy, but my commitment and dedication let me pull it through. So, whenever you feel down or tired, think of how you are going to feel after you get to a point where you can travel around many countries while your online business is backing you up. This will definitely give you enough motivation.

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