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Can someone advise me on how to study abroad?

I am a student from New York. I have the desire to have my undergraduate studies abroad, but the problem is that I do not know how to study abroad and what are the study abroad opportunities available for students like me. So it will be highly appreciated if you could give a general idea on how to apply for study abroad program and the different aspects I should pay attention to. Moreover, I would also love to know if there are some possibilities for a scholarship to study abroad for undergraduate. How long does the entire process usually take if I decide to apply for the same?

Samantha Barber

in Study Abroad

2 answers

2 answers

Roy Holl on September 20, 2018

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Daniel King on September 19, 2018

Yes, it is a reality that many people do not know a lot about studying abroad. Though it is not possible to explain the process as it varies according to the country, course, and college you choose, I will try to give a general picture of how to navigate the process effectively.

The first step involves deciding the reasons why you wish to study abroad. It requires the academic degree you want to achieve, the country and culture you prefer to explore in the meantime, and any other relevant question. Once this is finalized, it is time to start looking for suitable programs. This can be done in a number of ways, ranging from searching the internet, communicating with students who have experience studying abroad, and consulting student visa advisors. Remember, any wrong step at this stage will have a really serious impact on who you become as an adult. Therefore, it is time you should invest in researching widely different courses, colleges, fees, duration, and all other relevant aspects.

ignore the importance of communicating. Talk to everyone you come across, including your parents, teachers, school’s study abroad department, people responsible for financial aid, friends, and any other people who you think have something to say about studying abroad. In addition, visit the websites of the colleges you find interesting and read the experience of students, read online reviews of those colleges and courses, try to communicate with former students of that college, and read many articles on the subject of study abroad options. As you finalize on your favorite location, college, and program, it is time to pay closer attention to the details. Firstly, make sure that the location you are going to select will be comfortable enough for you to drive there. Secondly, it is necessary to crosscheck the educational benefits of the course you are going to select. This involves checking how the credit transfer will work and verify that information to ensure that your effort abroad is not wasted.

Once these points are checked to your satisfaction, you need to check the cost of the course and start planning how to meet the expenses. The sources range from your family, financial aid of your college, scholarships, and student loans. Once you have found a solution for that as well, it is time to go ahead. If you wish to know the possibility of scholarships to study abroad for undergraduates, you can talk to your student visa consultant, your institution's student help desk of the new institution you wish to join, and various online directories. Start the search well in advance.

Olive Wilson2 years ago

When I decided to study in New Zealand, I had very little idea how to finance my life there. Though my family supported me that was not sufficient to help me meet all the expenses. I tried many ways and talked to many people but the problem remained unsolved. Finally, the solution came from my institution itself. I spoke to the international student help desk at my new institution. They were more than happy to help me in the case and provided me with a comprehensive list of making some money to back my life there. Out of them, what attracted me most was the job opportunities. Immediately on reaching New Zealand, I was able to find a job that offered me with enough money to support my life there. So, I think you should communicate with the institution’s international student support to know the various possibilities for you once you are there. With the right directions, you will find your time studies abroad a pleasant experience. 

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