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Can reading self confidence quotes improve my self-confidence?

Since high school, I have always struggled with lack of self confidence. However, I was never sure whether it was something I needed to worry about. Therefore, I decided to take a self confidence test which confirmed my lack of confidence. I have tried everything to improve my confidence from reading books on what is self confidence and how to improve self-confidence to attending motivational talks but my confidence hasn’t improved. I am not thinking of reading self confidence quotes to boost my self-confidence. Will this help? Can I become more confident by reading quotes on confidence every day?

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

1 answer

Bethany Evans on January 9, 2018

Most people who lack self confidence have a different understanding of what self confidence is. Some people believe it is the ability to stand up for yourself when others are trying to put you down and others believe it is being able to take on challenges and do things that are outside your comfort zone. These beliefs are what make it so hard to build self- confidence because instead of focusing on yourself, you focus on things that are outside of you. Self-confidence is having a feeling of trust in your judgments, abilities and qualities. This is what you need to work on to build confidence. Self confidence tests are very beneficial when you are trying to build your confidence. They enable you to know how bad the situation is so that you can come up with an effective strategy. However, in order to gain self-confidence, you need to come up with practical ways of doing so. Listening to a motivational speaker, reading a self confidence quote every day or reading books will only motivate you to improve your confidence. However, it will not provide you with a solution to your problem. There are several things you can do that will actually improve your confidence. These include: 

  • Focus on your successes: If you are constantly thinking about your weaknesses and the negative aspects of your life, it will be difficult for you to build confidence. Instead, focus on your achievements and the great things you have done in your life. This will not only improve your confidence but also enable you to make efforts to achieve even more.
  • Accept Yourself: Everybody has weaknesses. No one is perfect at doing everything. Accept yourself with your weaknesses and try to improve your weak areas. You can learn new skills or take a class to improve the areas you struggle in.
  • Visualize yourself the way you want to be: People who struggle with self-confidence have a very poor image of themselves. Instead of looking at yourself in a manner that puts you down, try visualizing the kind of person you want to be. This will motivate you to take actions towards improving yourself.
  • Be patient: When you begin taking steps to improve your confidence, things might not always work out the way you expect them to. When this happens, do not beat yourself up for it. Be patient with yourself because it takes time to build confidence and be someone totally different.

Olive Wilsona year ago

Reading self confidence quotes can be the answer to improving your confidence. Quotes motivate you and make you believe you can do anything. Therefore, when you read quotes on confidence, they will encourage you to take steps towards building your confidence. However, in order for this to work, you will need to read as many quotes as possible preferably first thing in the morning. Also, it might be a good idea to come up with a strategy on how to improve your confidence. For instance, if you are scared of doing public speaking, try challenging yourself by signing up for a public speaking event. Doing things that get you out of your comfort zone will build your confidence and contribute to personal growth. Apart from this, you should also learn how to love yourself completely despite your shortcomings. Most issues with self-confidence arise from people not loving themselves for who they are.

Kyle Mckinneya year ago

Reading self confidence quotes, in general, will inspire you for some time, but after a while, all the inspiration and motivation will go away. You need to indulge yourself in life situations that will decrease the lack of self confidence in yourself. For example, go fishing, travel to a new country, or go for an adventure that you always wanted to try. This will definitely increase your self-esteem, but before that, you have to follow the guide above, as it is very important to accept yourself as you really are, drive away any negative thoughts about yourself, and stop comparing yourself to others because they also have weaknesses.

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