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Can online math courses be effective?

I think that math is one of the hardest subjects in the entire world. I don’t know what’s the problem but many people have troubles with math. I finished my university education three months ago. While studying, I was not good at mathematics and any course connected with it was definitely not my favorite one. However, now I found a job and I need some basic knowledge of math so I am thinking about enrolling in math courses. I know that there is a science learning center and maybe there is this type of course there. Does anyone know some information about online school courses? Will online math courses be beneficial to me? Thanks.

Jan Berry

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1 answer

1 answer

Ross Pratt on April 27, 2018

Mathematics is an easy subject, but it can be very dull and hard when you get a wrong tutor. The misconception from early childhood education makes many students grow knowing the subject is hard and that it can be learned only by specific individuals. The major problem why people fail in math is because they do not have instructors who are ready to give them the best in the subject mastery. Also, it is very important to start learning from the very beginning of the course as it will be the foundation for further study. When one can understand the basics of math, he/she can solve many problems in the course and be ready to learn new material.

I learned math this while I had math course at the university. Understanding the underlying principles in the subject is the key to succeed in math. I managed to follow them and do what was needful to complete the course. I am happy because it went well with me. I am confident that giving students the right direction at the early stages or directing them to take an online math course will be advantageous in the end. The ideas and explanation on online platforms are usually coherent, and any person can learn quickly as opposed to a classroom setting where time is limited. Having the tutorials can be beneficial to students, helping them understand more in the ordinary environment.

Mathematics, being an essential subject in all levels needs more attention. Most students believe that they can still do better in other disciplines and succeed without mathematics. It is because of the perceived hardness of the subject. While many scholars hold to it, the magnitude of math as a subject cannot be neglected. Just like the science learning centers, math centers exist to help students equip themselves in the subject. Nevertheless, few students make use of the resource centers. The misconception makes few students commit to attending the math classes. Giving students the right direction and encouraging them to put more effort together with online studies will work for them. You can undertake online school course of math as I did. Finding one isn’t hard at all. It is the reason why online platforms are dominating and providing the best services. The online math course is beneficial to all people. I have finished the course that has always been my dream.

Ronald Miller2 years ago

Many students are not free to air out their weaknesses to get help. I believe that if all students can courageously state their shortcomings like me, we can change the perception of math as a subject. Online math courses can be the best to help you in learning. Learning new concepts in deeper levels in math courses will help tutors to give good content and explanation to learners. I hated math because of the tutors' attitude. He used to tell us how math course is hard and how few people make on the subject. I grew up knowing that I was not among the few. I realized when it was late. However, I would like to become a math tutor and give hope to students as much as I can. The only way I can give back to the society is to be like the tutor who is identifying the needs of his students and finding ways to help.

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