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Can more than one credit card company garnish your wages at the same time?

Ralph Lopez

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1 answer

1 answer

Craig Stewart on January 9, 2019

Yes, if more than one company receives a judgment in their favor and gets an order to garnish your wages, then you could be repossessed. The law of the state in regard to limits and exclusions would apply. You could also have an affirmative defense and the reason for reducing both the trials. Consult a lawyer familiar with your particular state law to be certain. No. However, another creditor can levy a bank account. Depending on how the account of your state of residence laws. The people often. rush into bankruptcy thinking that it is a cure-all, and it is preferable to be sued. Before taking any decision, a consumer must know all the exemptions State and/or Federal, that apply to the protection of assets. Often be sued can, believe it or not, to be the best option.

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