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Can immigrants go to college in the host country?

Within the past one decade, the world has experienced skyrocketing feuds that have resulted in massive deaths and displacement of innocent civilians. Most people have been forced to run away and seek refuge elsewhere. Taking a closer look, students, especially those in tertiary institutions are usually affected in ways that cannot be reversed if they are not offered immediate help. Due to the magnitude of this problem, I’m constantly asking myself, “Can immigrants go to college in their country of destination?” I will very much appreciate, if anyone could please help me answer myself. In your response kindly include the functions of a student immigration lawyer. Finally, educate on the ways in which immigrant students in college, can improve themselves.

Samantha Stevenson

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on March 19, 2018

Being an immigrant, especially the type that has been forced out of their home country by circumstance is the most troubling thing that can happen to an individual. At this stage, you are always filled with uncertainties of not knowing what to do next. Parents cannot be sure of what their children are going to eat in the next hour or day; they cannot be certain if they are going to be rejected or deported from the host country. On the other hand, learners cannot be certain as to when will they see the door of a classroom. I always feel that falling is most painful, when your hopes and expectations are so high and they end up being crashed to nothingness.  Imagine a student in his final year of study that ends up being displaced from his home country and can no more continue with his studies. He will be broken, disappointed and even may end up giving in life. As such it is really important if an immigrant can go to college in the host country.

Well, accessing college education in any specific country has specific procedures and guidelines to be followed. First of all, one is required to have completed and passed their high school examinations. These examinations normally vary from country and in most cases one will need to equate their current scores basing on the grading criteria of the host nation. Also, if a student could have completed their first degree, they will have an opportunity to study in the host country. Nevertheless, attaining a high school diploma/certificate or first college degree is not a guarantee that you will be given an opportunity to study in your host nation. You will also be required to prove that you can pay for your tuition fees and other accompanying expenses.

In some cases, you may have forgotten or misplaced your academic certificates at back at home. In such a case, you will need to seek professional help from an immigration lawyer for students. Your lawyer will guide you on how to go about in finding your documents and equating them. You can also request your lawyer to help you understand the detailed requirements you are required to satisfy before getting an admission in to college.  For the students, not affected by any sort calamity and who just wish to study in a foreign country, they will still be considered as immigrants, but their situation will be match simpler. They only require having a valid study visa, a letter of acceptance into a recognized institution of higher learning in the host country as well as proving of financial support/ability to support their studies and personal life for the entire period of study.

Finally, college immigrant students can come together and form a society of international students. Through these society they can jointly participate in personal and team building activities such as playing together, starting an investment club, joint fellowships and taking care of each other.

Larry Warrena year ago

It is true that an immigrant student can go to college in the host nation. However, the process of getting an admission comes with a great deal of challenges. First of all, the possibility of being accepted is quite low since there are standardized procedures followed during the application process. The greatest stumbling block entails getting finances to pay for your tuition fees and other expenses. To enhance your chances of successfully completing your studies, try to apply for scholarships from universities and organizations that offer financial aid to international students.

In regard to other stakeholders that are concerned with education of immigrant students, they need to devise ways in which vulnerable-immigrant students can access financial support without the need of stressfully searching for a sponsor. Let any immigrant student access quality education in painless way, so that they can be able to attain the most out of their academics. Host governments should also consider granting responsible immigrants study loans and at the end of their study, offer them an opportunity to look for employment in the host nation.

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