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Can I work and study abroad?

Studying in a new environment away from home has been my top dream on the list. I have been confined to one locality for long, and this is my opportunity to explore the world. My parents say it is impossible because of the high cost involved but I am certain that there is a way out. The university fees in most parts of the world today are high, but I believe that there are countries that offer scholarships for international student exchange. I have heard that Australian universities offer lower tuition fee for international students, is it true? How can I get access to the study abroad scholarships?


Dana Keller

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1 answer

Zach Chandler on October 8, 2018

Studying abroad is a dream for many students. The rising university fee is the main reason many students and parents feel it is impossible to get a degree outside their country. The good news is here: countries like Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Australia among other nations offer free tuition to international students. The free education is real; it is the simplest way for countries to encourage international exchange of students.

Universities in Australia have taken this initiative to the highest level, they are recruiting international students and giving full scholarships including money for a living. The full scholarship program is for top performing students who are fit to undertake engineering courses, Ph.D. students, and Masters students. The University of Queensland alone pays a tuition fee of $30,000 every year for over 30 international students in Engineering School. The University of Western Australia has introduced a new waiver on fees for postgraduate students and currently has succeeded to give out 90 scholarships for the Ph.D. students. The University of Sydney has given out 30 scholarships for Masters Research students spending $20000 yearly on each student. The University of Melbourne is joining the list and has stated with giving out remission scholarship to the bright but needy students from other countries.

Most of the scholarships are fully funded by the Australian government, and most universities in Australia are taking the initiative to attract international students. The University of Adelaide has recently opened doors for Chinese students who will be fully funded by Beijing scholarship council. The scholarship will cover travel cost, living cost, and tuition fee.

The government-funded scholarships for international students in Australia include:

  • Research Training Program (RTP) - to study research degree program - domestic and international students.
  • Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS) - for all degree levels: Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D.- students from Asia-Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East.
  • Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarships for International Students – for postgraduate students from the Middle East, America, and Asia-Pacific regions.
  • Australian national university scholarship – international students - all study levels.
  • Deakin university scholarship – scholarships for international students at Deakin University - Melbourne.
  • Flinders International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (FIPRS) - specific for international students studying at Flinders University in Adelaide.
  • Australian Catholic University Student Scholarships - for postgraduate and undergraduate students.

Note: All above scholarships are awarded based on merit.

It is a perfect time for any interested international student to apply for the cool offers available in universities in Australia.


Kurt Price2 years ago

Studying abroad is a lifetime adventure. I thought I would never get out of my country until the day I received a full scholarship to study in Australia. That was a dream come true! Australia is a fantastic country with the best universities. The Australians are amazing, and the society is full of adventures and new opportunities. I came to Australia as a student three years ago after I successfully applied for the Northcote Graduate Scholarship. The scholarship covered my Ph.D. for three years, and the good thing about this particular scholarship is I was not limited to the field of study. The scholarship covered air ticket, tuition fee, and living allowance. Never lose hope. Apply for a scholarship that meets your expectations today and welcome onboard.  

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