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Can I Take MSU Study Abroad Program Even If I Am Not a Student at the Michigan State University?

I am a European pursuing higher education in one of the colleges in Netherlands. While searching for where to study abroad, I came across MSU Study Abroad courses, and I am interested in one of the programs because it will be of great help in building my career.  Since I am a student from a different institution outside America, can I qualify for the summer abroad programs offered by MSU and how do I go about the process of application? What documents are needed and what should I do to increase my chances of making it past the intake crucible?

Jan Berry

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1 answer

1 answer

Melissa Norris on March 5, 2018

Yes, it is possible to pursue one of MSU’s Study Abroad programs even if you are not a student of the university. Actually, MSU is the best institution if looking for the best place to study abroad for a short course. Last summer I enrolled for one of the summer courses offered by MSU and completed the studies. I am also a foreigner and had similar queries, but thanks to the resourceful Michigan State University’s website, I was able to apply and join other students from other parts of the world.

There are very many education programs offered by MSU in sixty nations worldwide, and it is a good thing that you have already identified what you want to pursue. MSU has a category known as Guest and non-degree students, and here is where students from high school, as well as those from other universities and colleges, fall. This category is for those who would like to take a course from Michigan State University for only credit, but have no intention of enrolling in a degree-granting program, like you and me. I applied as a Lifelong Education Student, LES, and I recommend that you do the same because this is a perfect program for your case; only wanting an MSU course for credit. Also, as a Lifelong Education Student, you are eligible for the summer study programs, and from your question above, this is your wish.

About how to go about the process, you need to meet certain conditions before being admitted to the program. You need to meet the minimum requirements specified on the website; find time and look at what you should have to pursue the specific course you want. If you meet these outlined criteria, you can then go ahead and complete the Lifelong Education application procedure on the website. It is a simple process, and I wish you all the best in it.

Studying the summer program abroad was a great experience. Unfortunately, Lifelong Education Students are not eligible for most of the financial aid, but each and every penny that you spend on this program will be worth the sacrifice. You will get the opportunity of learning in a world-class institution, learn various new ideas, make new and lasting friends from different parts of the world, and simply enjoy the world in one of the great global cities in the world. I hope my answer is of assistance to you. Enjoy your studies at MSU.

Kyle Mckinneya year ago

I also joined LES since my university highly recommends the program. This is the best summer school abroad program that you can ever attend. If you are in a college that teaches courses in English, then you should not worry about the requirements to enroll in the program. Also, if you want to refresh your English language skills, you can attend the one week intensive English language courses before your summer session. Some of my classmates had participated in the refresher course, and by the time we began classes, they were properly prepared.

You will not only get the chance of undergoing a perfect and quality course for intellectual development, but also the opportunity to visit the city and enjoy learning new things and develop socially. You should invite other friends from your college so that you can share the summer learning experience together. Be open to meeting new people from every part of the world, and you will enjoy your learning at MSU!

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