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Can I study in universities in Canada?

I’d like to join one of the universities in Canada. I understand that they offer a high-quality education that is recognized all over the world. I have also learned that the political environment in the country is very calm and stable. This will enable me to pursue my studies without any fear of upheavals. Conversely, this also means I will be joining a university in a foreign country.What is study abroad like? Are these stated advantages for those who opt to study in Canada real?

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Jodi Brooks on April 2, 2018

Studying at a university in Canada is an exhilarating experience. The education system in the country has many advantages as noted below.

Education in Canada is managed at each province by an individual education board. All the boards come together under the Canadian school boards association. The association has ensured high-quality standards across the country that are recognized all over the world. The entire education system, from the foundation to the university level, is thus one of the best on the globe, as you have stated.

Canada is also a very old democracy. Its political system is very stable. The social environment is also well managed with good basic citizen integration, remarkably low crime rates, and moderate political expression. Even thorny issues like the preferred cessation by some of the citizens of French speaking Quebec, do not cause any political disruptions. There are thus no worries about the politics.

What are studies abroad like? Well, they are both an exciting and challenging experience. They are exciting because it is human to want to venture into new things. The very thought of traveling to another country and meeting new people is thrilling enough. It is also inherently challenging. Adjusting to a new culture replete with its own values, beliefs, food, dressing, and language, is in many ways perplexing. However, what you learn in that new environment will completely change your worldview, thus making you a more accomplished person.

Studying in Canada specifically is both an enjoyable and competitive experience. The country has a high economic rating among other nations and education is replete with the latest cutting-edge technology. There is also a well-established research culture which underpins university education in the country. You will get to experience all these advantages while getting a world-class education that will get you employed anywhere on the globe.

When it comes to education, there is always the issue of affordability. It is no secret that quality education is expensive, and the Canadian version is no exception. However, just like in the United States, there are numerous advantages for a student who excels. You may get a scholarship if you show promise in your academic performance. That will ultimately cater for part or all of your costs. So it depends on how you approach your studies and the diligence you put into it.

Kurt Pricea year ago

I am afraid this response sounds a bit like a pitch for Canadian education. Let me point out some uncomfortable difficulties. If you choose to study in Canada, you should be ready to shoulder the costs. There is no relying on scholarships which may not come. It is true that there are many scholarships available, but most of them are targeted at locals, not foreigners like you. You will not get them automatically just because you perform well. There is little doubt about the impeccable high quality of education in the country. So I wouldn’t dwell on that. But there is the little issue of Quebec. Some of the best universities are in this province. Though English is used in the education process, the most widespread language in the area is French. It will be challenging to get around if you completely don’t know the language.

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