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Can I really get an online teaching degree?

I wish to pursue an online teaching degree, but I have quite apprehensive attitude. Is it really possible to get a degree online that will be recognized? I have a friend who says she has managed to get an online English degree. She is very proud of it, but I can’t help doubting whether it is for real. Tell me if it is possible for me to get an online education degree so that I can go for it. I am a teacher but my qualification is too low. I need to upgrade.

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

1 answer

Jodi Brooks on May 7, 2018

No, you can’t get a proper teaching degree online that will be recognized. There are several institutions, which are fully accredited and highly reputable that offer master’s degrees in education. The only teaching degrees you will readily get are those in special education or early childhood learning. The reason for this scarcity is pretty simple, you are supposed to teach practically as part of your learning process. That is a little challenging to arrange online. On the contrary, it is very easy to get a fully recognized English degree online. Your friend is thus most likely telling the truth. You see, to learn English you don’t need to go for anything practical except for your own speech practice online. If you are really interested in earning a teaching degree then you should do one of the following:

  1. Just seek a scholarship to pursue a bachelor’s degree in education in a reputable institution near you. This is one of the difficult degrees to get online. Ironically, it becomes much easier if you are pursuing it a higher level, like masters. Since the aim is to get certain credits, you can take advantage of any summer or holiday programs they may be offering. You can use your current teaching post for your practical classes. That way you will make progress. On the contrary, depending on the online route will not take you far. You might end up the victim of some sweet sounding fraud scheme online. There are many people who have noticed that this degree is not available online. They try to fill in by promising the impractical, just to get money.
  2. Alternatively, you can go for a special education degree. These are readily available online. If you opt for this, you can visit the University of Georgia website. They have one of the best Special Education programs at the bachelor’s level. That way you will be sure that you are getting value for money and for yourself. There are many other sites that offer bachelor’s degrees in special education online. You can get them as well by searching online.
  3. You can  also go for the early childhood education degree at the University of Phoenix. This will be a genuine course that leads to a real degree. It will get you licensed and able to handle children. There will be no danger of you wasting your money for nothing. 

Emily Alexander2 years ago

I am very surprised to  find out that there are no genuine teaching degrees online at bachelor level. There are so many courses online these days, I have come to assume that it is possible to learn anything. Now I know it is not possible to learn teaching without the component of doing it practically in a classroom. I think I have come across a site myself, that claims to offer bachelor’s degrees in education online. Maybe all they teach is the theoretical aspect of the subject, which will not be recognized at the end. It is also true that one can very easily be conned online. It happens when it appears to be a shortage of something. So people will offer fake degrees, sell them and walk away happily with your money. It is difficult it is to trace them after they carry out the fraudulent activities.

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