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Can I pay back Navient student loans after graduating from college?

I got Navient student loans to get to college and now I’m thinking of paying them back after I graduate and start working. I also want to organize my loans and for that reason I need to know how to consolidate student loans. I think that paying back student loans after graduation can be easier because my pay will rise after I have my degree and I’d be able to focus on my studies now. I need to know if I can do that to repay student federal loans.

Samantha Stevenson

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1 answer

1 answer

Ramon Kelly on May 16, 2018

Student loans are a solution that can alleviate the worries of students who cannot afford to pay college tuition. Corporations such as Navient understand that the lack of funds should not prevent anyone from accessing higher education and, therefore, they offer a range of education loan options for every student.

You can find whether you can pay back your specific student loans from Navient after college or not in the agreement that you signed when you took out the loan. You can also contact a Navient representative by calling them or visiting their website (

If you have a federal loan, you may be able to pay it off after college, even if your original agreement stipulated a different payment plan, because federal loans for students offer the benefit of being flexible in their payments alternatives and you can modify your payment schedule as your situation changes. However, if you have a private student loan, you may need to pay while you still go to college.

There are different types of private student loans, but usually their options are more limited than the options proposed by federal loans. Even if you have a private loan that allows you to pay back after college, you must know that it is not an advisable payment plan to do so, since interest rates increase over time and the amount that will you have to pay after graduating can be considerably high. To know the details about how to pay back your student loans and if it is possible to modify them, contact Navient customer service.

If you have taken out several loans, it can be practical to consolidate them into a single loan. You need to check first if your federal student loans are eligible for consolidation. Private student loans are not eligible for consolidation. Keep in mind that the interest rate for consolidating student loans will be calculated by the average of the interest rates of your loans. You may pay more than before consolidating, but the interest rate will be fixed.

Additionally, you can ask for an extension of the repayment period of your loan for up to 30 years with consolidation. An argument in favor of this extension is that it makes the monthly payment easier. However, an argument against it is that the longer it takes you to pay back, the higher the interest that you will pay. 

Ronald Miller2 years ago

I know Navient and I knew Sallie Mae too before it became Navient in 2014.

And in spite of all the critics that the company has received over time, I think it’s good for students to have it as an option to pay their college tuition.

It’s just a matter of being careful and calculating accurately the interest rate and the fees to pay back the student loans that you take out.

I know that when we’re students we’re excited about getting into college and pursuing a career and we apply for a loan and once we get it, we tend to forget that we have to pay it off. Maybe while we’re in college or 30 years later but we do have to pay it back sooner or later.

The trick is to pay it back as soon as you can and read well to understand your loans agreement. 

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