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Can I go to NBSE convention as a volunteer?

As many other education conferences that last for a couple of days, NBSE convention is rather pricey. I understand that it is full of interesting people and activities but I’m not ready to pay that sum of money for a few days in another city. So, I hope to find a more affordable pass to the NBSE national convention. Was NBSE convention 2018 expecting many volunteers?

Amanda Johnson

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on June 25, 2018

I know that previously, NBSE has had some volunteers. The call wasn’t a huge public announcement, but they were looking for positive and energetic people eager the help their cause. I had a friend going to the NBSE conventions of 2011 and 2016 as a volunteer. He wasn’t very descriptive about the experience. Yet, I told me that the efforts were worth the resulted experience he got.

As a volunteer for any educational event, he had a free access to the event ground. Moreover, he had a good look behind the scenes and found out exactly how the event is organized, how the things work, and what problem the staff faces during those hectic days. Besides, he god an VIP access to the few events that he wasn’t a part of during the convention and was recognized, along with the others, during the general session, etc. There are many benefits to being a volunteer at any event or meeting. You become such an essential part of it and it feels like something close to you, something utterly different. The attendees become your guests and you worry whether they would find everything to their liking. This happens every time you are a part of the administration or preparations.

I think I’ve seen some volunteers at the NBSE convention of 2018 as well. Though they were trying to be inconspicuous. Personally, I haven’t seen any announcement about asking for volunteers when searching the news of the upcoming event. Maybe, I’ve just missed it or deemed to be useless information. However, there was a mention of volunteers at the registration. I suppose you can send your request right there, on the registration page. Anyway, there is always a sure way to find whether the national convention NBSE needs help—call the contact numbers given on the official webpage.

In addition, you can become a supporter and partner of the organization. There is a special category of opportunities for people who want to help the organization. I think that if you have a purpose to be a part of NBSE 2019 without extra expenses, you can reach your goal. Determination is the key. 

Leigh Mann2 years ago

I was also a volunteer on NBSE 2016. The experience was awesome. Though many people registered to help for this NBSE convention, we had plenty of spots and hours to cover. So, everyone was doing their job with ease. During the registration, we had an option to choose the locations and jobs we were willing to do. Nobody pressures you into anything.
Besides, we were given gift certificated and were a part of the lottery to win a free registration for the NBSE national convention of the next year. 

Charles McAlear2 years ago

Such wonderful words in the end! I also believe that determination is everything we need in our lives. Being a bit stubborn and knowing what we want opens many doors that shy people don’t even know about.

As for the NBSE convention, of course, it requires volunteers. Have you seen an event of this scale without people helping for free? Gathering thousands of people “under one roof” requires many hours of preparation. No company or organization can do it all on their own. They hire help. So, why not agree to take a few volunteers to the crew if you get people who are eager to help and don’t need money for their services? You just give them access to the event, but save so much money you can already start planning the next event? 

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