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Can I get information about the best exchange programs from USAC study abroad?

I’m looking to join university next year after I complete high school and I want to apply to a school that offers a good exchange program at some point. I’ve heard about the USAC study abroad program but I don’t know much about it. Is USAC a college? What does it have to do with the Institute for study abroad? Where can I get more information on international study programs offered by various universities in the US? What are the most competitive programs for incoming undergraduate students?

Samantha Stevenson

in Study Abroad

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1 answer

Melissa Norris on February 28, 2018

The Universities Study Abroad Consortium or USAC is not a single school. It is actually a collaborative effort between American universities that work together to provide affordable and authentic academic programs. The Study Abroad USAC program covers about 50 cities, scattered across 28 countries, in Africa, Asia, Australia and Oceania and South America. It’s great that as a high school student, you have already set your eyes on education with a global perspective in mind. It looks great on your resume because with travelling abroad, you get to meet new people, learn new cultures and experience new things. If you volunteer or work abroad, you will also get an opportunity to encounter and solve global problems which you may not be able to experience if you go to a local institution.

With USAC, you can choose a flexible program for yourself, ranging from three to ten weeks, full semesters or even a full year. All this depends on what you want. I would advise that you first look at different schools that appeal to you in the US, then see if they offer the programs that you want. You may not be able to transfer credits for certain institutions and courses outside the, although USAC will tell you all the courses and credits that are transferrable.

The IFSA or the Study abroad Institute-Butler is another organization that provides study abroad programs for North American undergraduates who want the experience of international study. IFSA-Butler is non-profit and would provide great opportunities for students like you in countries like the China, Israel, Mexico, Chile and the Czech Republic. IFSA allows international students to complete terms or semesters in different areas and allows you to transfer credits from those partner institutions. IFSA is also great because aside from just the academic benefits, the program allows holistic life experiences for the students and you will get to experience things beyond the walls of a classroom.

International programs for study are a great way to build your resume and gives you a whole new perspective on global issues. Rather than just going to a local university, you can access and try to solve different challenges which opens up your professional development. Rather than spend your summers partying away, you can enroll in a summer abroad program and see what kinds of benefits you’ll get. The IFSA alliance and USAC programs are great places to start.

Tad Fraziera year ago

The USAC study abroad program provides a wonderful experience, and although I’d recommend it to others like you looking for international study programs, I have a few reservations about it. I was based in Oslo last year under the program and my experience wasn’t too pleasant. I paid slightly over 5000 dollars to join the program and was also forced to pay a security. It doesn’t make sense because international students to the University of Oslo go here for free, although they may be under a different scholarship program. I also needed to pay for my own travel expenses, catering and housing. I was quite disappointed with the visa application process, and would have expected that the university would have made more effort to help international students coming in. You also need to countercheck severally, whether all your credits are transferable. I had to transfer my credits through a 3rd-party.

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