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Can I Get Credit If I Take A Free Online Chemistry Course?

I am still in high school and will soon be sitting for my High school diploma exam. All through school, I have always loved sciences, especially chemistry. I keep thinking of what I can do to expound my love and knowledge of chemistry. Presently, I think of taking online science classes in addition to my normal classes. However, I would like to know if I can get a credit if I take a free online chemistry course. How is the coursework-can I handle it at my level? Can I do it now or should I wait till I join college? Also, do colleges and employers recognize credits earned in a distance course?

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

Melissa Norris on February 5, 2018

Well, I can’t say I was an extra-bright student, but somehow, school seemed easy to me. I found myself having lots of free time during school as I didn’t have to struggle a lot with schoolwork. But since I was always a curious little thing, I would often take more chemistry classes online to supplement my knowledge. It worked fine for me.

Most accredited universities offer free science classes online through OpenCourseWare. The free courses do not award academic credits, but they utilize the same materials as courses offered in regular classes. While you will not get a high school or college credit for this, once you complete all the coursework, you will receive a certificate of completion. Some employers will acknowledge the certificate while others will not. It depends on the individuals.

Still, it’s not a loss. Taking a free online high school chemistry course will increase your knowledge in the subject. Besides, you can use the materials to study for your diploma exam. It boosts your confidence on test day if you are sure of what you are going to write on paper. If you get to college and take a chemistry course, the better for you. The course will give you a headstart for your college and future career.

These free online courses for chemistry at your level will regularly cover similar topics to your current chemistry classes. They will feature subjects like bonding and sub-atomic structure, the periodic table, compound energy and balance, entropy, chemical reactions, solids, gasses, fluids, acids, bases, and substance responses.

If you want to major in soft sciences, you will cover topics like environment, natural and physical science, health and nutrition among others. It’s not very hard stuff.

The courses are designed to be intriguing, fun and thorough. To enable you to pick up a reasonable comprehension of science, courses may incorporate videos, lecture notes, readings, optional assignments, and exams. Sometimes, you will need specific software to see materials, but that’s still rare. You will not be forced to complete the assignments or take the exams if you do not want to. But it will be important to gauge your understanding of the course and likewise to get certification.

The free classes don't give access to teachers. In any case, the material and modules you get are sufficiently adequate for you to study and understand.

Likewise, the free general chemistry online courses are frequently offered through MOOCs where you will get different students, share materials and experiences and conduct online discussions. This way, you will get exposed to different ideas comprehensively which will build your viewpoint in chemistry and science. It's a decent approach to associate with individuals who think similarly.

Kyle Mckinney2 years ago

Many schools and colleges like Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) offer free online science courses. While these courses give no scholarly credit, individuals inspired by studying at their own pace can get to these materials without enlisting or registering and may access coursework any time. If they check online, students will find different levels of free online chemistry courses, from high school to college.

Free online chemistry courses for high school students are created and given by qualified chemistry tutors who would like to share their  nowledge with as many students as possible. This implies you get genuine material and even somewhat more than what you will get in your regular classes. These are specially designed courses to enable you to pick up inside and out knowledge and comprehension of chemistry and prepare you fully to tackle your secondary school science examinations and tests. Each part of every subject is brought out, clarified, and every significant point featured

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