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Can I get cheap and credible online certificate programs?

I am planning to do a certificate program in baking as I want to start a small baking enterprise next year. However, I have a dilemma on if I should enroll in actual classes or register for the center for online education recommended courses. The problem is that I don’t know anyone who has done online distance learning courses on anything to give me reliable advice on this matter. I want something cheap as my bigger budget is committed as capital for the business I want to start. How credible are online certificate programs?

Deborah Edwards

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1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on July 16, 2018

From writing on the chalkboard to now studying from a computer screen, education has evolved rapidly in the recent years. However, this was not always so. Unlike typical day-to-day activities, such as paying bills, which are heavily dependent on technology, education has adapted to technology very slowly.

Picture the first person that enrolled in an online distance learning course. They must have been unsure and even worried about it. While everyone believed in the traditional classroom experience, they decided to do it at home on their computer.

At first, it was experimental, and things were not perfect at all. Technology and the methods of learning have since then evolved and tweaked to student and teacher needs. Now, it is possible to find an online certificate program that is much more highly regarded than the same course traditionally offered in a college.

Advantages of online learning include the following:

  • You can learn from anywhere: the convenience of online learning is I think the most attractive attribute. At home, or at work, there is no place you cannot have your class. You can plan your lessons to suit your schedule and environment.
  • You will learn at your own pace: unlike the traditional classroom where you have to move with the pace of everyone else, online learning lets you dictate your speed. You may progress depending on how fast you grasp concepts.
  • Cost effective: most online courses are cheaper than a traditional class in the same field which is due to the relatively lower costs of running such classes. Plus, you won’t need bus fare to travel to and fro classes.
  • Personalized: though you may share your online classes with other students, most of them only have a few students. You can even ask a question in a private session with your instructor.

I would recommend that you take the center of online education course you are interested in as it is a reliable resource. If you still have little faith in explore other online options and specifically look for money-back guarantees. Platforms such as Udemy offer courses with the money back guarantee if you dislike the course or if you feel it did not fulfill what was advertised. The problem with online education is that anyone can come up with a class, promote and sell it online. However, you will find many reliable courses along the way. Good luck! 

Jordan Sotoa year ago

This information is accurate. My older brother had a bad experience with an online college once while he was doing an online certificate program. I think it was something to do with the instructor assigned to the course. Since then he has been the biggest enemy of online learning. I still did my master’s online, despite his constant objection and I think it was the best education decision I ever made. Though I studied for about an hour every day, I was able to complete my classes in a year, and only remained with the thesis. My classes were very personalized that I could ask for clarification without shying away.
If you busy juggling parenting and other family or work responsibilities, online classes are the best. When you spare an hour night or day to learn you will gain more than you would typically when enrolled in a traditional class. 

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