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Can I get an online associates degree quickly?

I have completed my high school diploma and immediately landed a job due to financial hardships. However, I always had a dream to gain higher education. Now I have a plan to go ahead with my study plans along with my job, but as money is a serious constraint, I want to do it at the lowest possible expense and in the shortest possible time span. One of my friends said that there are ways to earn an online associates degree in a year. Is it true? If yes, where can I find these fast online degrees? Is this online university degree accredited?  

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

1 answer

Ross Pratt on March 8, 2018

Your desire to continue learning despite financial hardships is highly appreciated. Luckily, you can find many accredited institutions offering associate’s degree online in short duration. After completing your associate’s degree, you can find a better job and continue moving toward your bachelor’s. One place where you find fast degree online is one of the best educational institutions in the U.S, Kaplan University. An important associate degree that you can complete in one year at Kaplan is Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice. With due regional accreditation from HLC, you will find this course highly valuable in your life. If criminal justice does not match your taste, Kaplan can offer you an associate degree in Fire Science in as little as one year. This accredited course makes you eligible for jobs in Fire and Emergency services. If you are interested in paralegal jobs, there is a one-year paralegal course of gaining associate’s degree from Kaplan. This makes you eligible for employment in the paralegal profession.

Are these professions not for you? Alright. There are some business courses as well. An example is Gwynedd Mercy University, Pennsylvania. At this university, you can find Accelerated Associate of Science in Business Administration which lasts just 12 months. With accreditation from the Middle States Association Commission on Higher Education, this course will benefit you very much in terms of money, time and effort. A similar program, namely Associate of Applied Science in Business, comes from Truckee Meadows Community College. This college is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, and you can complete the course in 12 months.

Let’s not forget the most popular sector today. You can find a number of associate’s degree online in information technology as well. The first one is from Kaplan University itself. This Associate of Applied Science in IT course takes a maximum of 20 months to complete. Similarly, the well-known Florida Institute of Technology lets you complete their Associate of Science in Computer Information Systems in less than two years.  

Still unable to decide what your specialization is? Don’t worry. Just join associate degree in liberal arts. It will give you more time to think and the opportunity to find a better job. From Northeastern University, you can do Associate of Science in Liberal Arts in one year and a half. Similarly, at Florida State College, you have the Associate Degree in General Education with the same duration. This is not an exhaustive list though I am exhausted. You can achieve your dreams soon.

Charles McAlear2 years ago

I have been working in the HR field for a few years. I think I can give you a few useful points to remember while deciding on qualification and employment. Many institutions and people promote accelerated online associate’s degree as a way to quick employment. In my opinion, this will not help you in all professions. For example, in the nursing profession, an associate degree was a sufficient qualification for long but the trend is changing now. At present, many healthcare facilities are considering a four-year degree as the minimum requirement to ensure quality. That means those who have an associate degree find it difficult to get employed and promoted. And this is not the only area that is affected. Today many managers in senior positions possess at least bachelor’s degree in their respective fields. Therefore, they tend to demand at least the same qualification from new recruits. Yes, the traditional way of thinking still prevails. My point is, if you are looking for a job in a not-so-specialized area, you will be at a disadvantage with an associate’s degree because there will be many contestants. So don’t leave education after associate’s degree.

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