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Can I get an affordable private maths tutor for my child?

My daughter is an average performer, but is especially challenged in maths. She does very well in the English language, but her maths scores keep bringing her overall grade down. I urgently need a private maths tutor for her. I have been searching online to check private tutor rates, but most of them don’t give any indication. I am also ready to opt for a student tutor if that proves to be what I can afford. I just don’t know how effective such tutors are.

Samantha Stevenson

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1 answer

1 answer

Ross Pratt on February 6, 2018

You need not be confused about this matter. You clearly need a private tutor for your child. I agree with you that it is important to get one. Classroom teaching is rarely sufficient for average performers. This is an established fact of the education system. For more information on this, look up the following link when you are online.

You bring out three main issues in your query. The first is finding a private tutor of math for your child. Second, is the cost of such a tutor. Third is the option of picking from student tutors if necessary. I will respond to these issues one at a time.

  1. You should begin the process of finding a math tutor for your child with your immediate social circles. These circles include your relatives, friends, neighbors and even your child’s school. Many schools are helpful in this area since they do understand the need for children to get extra lessons. They also tend to know the best tutors around. Some of the tutors went to college with the teachers at the school. They will also guide you on the
    role you should play to ensure the child is learning under the tutor. You have to set aside time to check what the child is doing. You are paying, so you must ensure your child is learning. These social circles will also direct you to the right sites online so you do not pick the wrong people.
  2. The rates of private tutors are rarely advertised online. Advertising is usually designed to show you that the service you are getting is a favor to you. The emphasis is on the services you are getting, and not the cost. Some even offer you a discount, without telling you that the discounted rates are still higher than existing conventional charges. Very few are sincere enough on this matter. So it is important to check costs with the people in your social circles before you go hiring. This will give you an idea of how much is expected from you.
  3. Students are generally cheaper than established teachers. They mostly work as part-timers to make a few extra coins. They will offer you a cheaper rate. They are generally dedicated to their work. Since they are still in school, they are conversant with modern methods. If you can afford them, go for them.


Tad Frazier2 years ago

You are well advised to get a private tutor for your child to help improve her grades. Student tutors are very useful these days since they are more affordable. Another good reason for hiring them is that they are currently undergoing education. This makes it easier for them to apply the latest research and educational methods in their work. The older teachers tend to have more confidence in old, proven methods. Sometimes, these methods have already been overtaken by events. Being closer in age to your child, the students may also understand modern social trends better. Your child will thus easily identify with them. You can assist them in ensuring compliance from your child by asking her to cooperate. Even though they have no experience in handling learners, they work very hard. The students will thus cut your costs and still provide your child with the overall services she needs.

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