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Can I get a free Harvard University online degree in law?

I’m looking for online law classes because I can’t afford regular classes. If I could find a free law degree online, even if I have to do most of the reading on my own, I would gladly take it. I’m unemployed. My interest in law courses online is to empower myself and increase my household’s income by getting employed. I recognize the risk involved in studying online, and the credibility of an institution is important to me. Is there a Harvard University online degree that is free?

Megan Page

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1 answer

Daniel King on October 24, 2018

You will not find free Harvard university online degrees, but you will find cheap ones. The only courses offered by Harvard that are free are those offered through EdX. In this case, you will still need to pay a small fee for a verified certificate with others having no credential at all.

The courses you will find in the field of law are paid and offered through the Harvard Extension School. However, they are certification courses but not undergraduate or graduate degree. So far, the Harvard Extension School has two undergraduate degrees offered online.

I will mention a few of the courses here to help you explore your possibilities:

The Cyber World

As the world is now 90% engrossed in cyberspace, there are a variety of factors of concern including conflict, the issue of privacy, threats, and governance. This course will help you learn and understand the social, political and legal dynamics of cyber/ internet and how they relate to the physical world. It is not an online law course as such, but an interdisciplinary course that touches on law, politics, and governance.

International Conflict & Cooperation

This course helps the learner understand international laws and politics by testing theories against historical facts and existing evidence. It will help you understand international conflict and how such conflicts can be managed through governance. You will learn how to use existing data to predict future possibilities in international politics.

Most of these courses by Harvard Extension School are quite general and interdisciplinary. If you want specific courses, you might consider looking for law classes online by other universities on EdX. EdX is a non-profit open learning platform, and all courses on offer here are free. The only money you will need to pay is to get a verified certificate at the end of the course. In most cases, it will not cost you more than $100.

EdX was founded by Harvard in conjunction with MIT, but with time many more institutions have come on board. Learning is through video tutorials and courses last for about 4-8 weeks. Most of their courses are self-paced as long as you put in a recommended number of hours every week.

In the field of law, you can get courses such as International Criminal Law, Contract Law, Intellectual Property Law, Risk Management, Property Law, Humanitarian Law, Criminal Justice and so on. There are so many courses you can explore here.

Brian Warner6 months ago

I think that online law courses under the Harvard Extension School are quite scarce. Plus, most of them are introductory and will not give you in-depth knowledge in the field you wish to pursue. Why? Well, with the standards of education that Harvard strives to maintain to stay at the top, having a full-time online degree in a field as complex as law or engineering is near impossible.

Though we can say that it’s possible, in the present world, to pursue a full-time online degree and graduate with high honor, most universities with a reputation to maintain are reluctant to dip both feet in the water. The risk involved in online learning is greater than the commercial viability of such an undertaking.

The main problem is monitoring and testing. As most people who seek online learning are looking for flexibility, it is difficult to keep tabs on the learning process.

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