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Can I find an algebra tutor for my major in medicine?

It seems I am not going to avoid algebra, after all, I thought I was done with it in high school. I never really liked algebra while in high school, and now I am being told algebra is part of the units for my first semester as a freshman. Is it possible to find an algebra tutor? It is high time I start taking math tutoring programs to save my neck in campus; I know I need to do something. A friend mentioned that I needed to hire my math tutor online, so I don’t find myself in a mess, my ambition to study medicine in my institution of dream became a reality, I don’t have to compromise my grades.

Alexa Spicer

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1 answer

1 answer

Ross Pratt on February 9, 2018

You do not have to allow your difficult exams to plunge your grades into a spiral; you can hire a math tutor for you to assist in becoming successful in your profession of choice. I know from back then in high school that we would just memorize formulas to be able to pass exams and secure positions in college, but I think the best way to learn is by understanding the topics because this will stick with you forever. First of all, it is very important to know that people are gifted in different ways. Algebra may seem difficult to some people simply because they have not taken the responsibility to learn the fundamental skills needed to begin. It is a plain truth that algebra will be impossible if you do not study enough basic math skills. It is very important that you master times tables and fractions, you have to have the ability to math inside your head. You need not be a stranger when it comes to an understanding of negative numbers, algebra is an "abstract" subject involving ideas only in your head. The most important thing is for one to develop the liking for algebra, it is difficult to learn anything which you do not like or have an interest in. However, no matter how someone may find it difficult, ways cannot always lack that will make things easier, a tutor of algebra will be able to help you find the possible ways to succeed.

It is important to note that the use of basic math is increasingly becoming vital as the current society continues to grow more and more complex. It is important for students to do a lot of practice in order to succeed in arithmetic. This is possible because building blocks of arithmetic and numbers are all around us naturally, whenever we are counting things, measuring, buying and making anything. You may not see, hear, feel or smell a number but they are closely tied to the things we do in the world that we live in. You only need to start thinking logically as a student in order to make it in Algebra, the x’s and y’s always denote numbers in general. For you to have the easy way in algebra, you have to start thinking in qualitative and analytical terms while reasoning about numbers. Having to undertake programs in math tutoring from tutors online will be so helpful in cultivating the best environment to prosper in math.

Brian Warnera year ago

I totally agree, using an algebraic thinking is needful while solving algebraic problems. For instance, when you want to write a macros in order to calculate cells in a spreadsheet, say for example Microsoft Excel. It does not matter the case scenario, whatever it is that you are required to use the spreadsheet to come up with a solution, what you need to do is think algebraically and then setting up the spreadsheet to do whatever you want. This will mean thinking across or about numbers, and not in terms of numbers. When starting to learn about algebra, you will find that it is inevitable to solve algebraic questions by arithmetic thinking, it is just something natural to do. As long as you put in place all the effort required in mastering arithmetic, and when the algebra questions you are given are particularly simple, then this approach will work for you. This is just like saying, the further you can progress in algebra is dependent on the stronger you are as a student at arithmetic. All these concepts can be made much simpler when you hire an algebra tutor.

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