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Can I earn a free online degree?

If it’s true that we can find anything that we want on the internet, I don’t know but maybe it’s possible to earn a free online degree too. Or maybe I can take some online college courses for credit to add to the credits that I already have from other courses that I took on campus some time ago. I’m working full-time now and that’s why I’m interested in internet education. I think it can be the solution that I’m looking for to get a degree, maybe one of the ucla online degrees.

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on June 7, 2018

The internet world has evolved constantly through recent years. Nowadays, we can find websites specialized in any possible knowledge area. It is not necessary to move as much as before to be able to get knowledge on the field of study that you prefer.

This evolution of the internet has brought some changes to the education field. Many colleges and universities have joined this progress of technology to expand and reach more places and to improve the education of more people around the world.

While it is certainly possible to get online degrees, it is definitely more difficult to find free online degrees. Even if you can audit some classes, you will be asked to formally enroll and pay the corresponding registration fees at the university or college you chose to be able to earn the degree that you want.

Yes, you can take an online college course for credit. On sites like EdX, you will find a list of credit-eligible courses ( You will need to pass an exam to successfully complete your course and get your academic credits. Most courses are free to study but you will need to pay if you want to receive a verified certificate after you finish your course.

The possibility of following studies on internet education platforms constitutes a true solution for people like you who do not have enough time to go every day to take a class on a university campus. At the same time, you are able to communicate in real time with other students pursuing the same degree as you to share your comments.

UCLA grants online courses, certificates and degrees. This university, as many others, has understood that to compete in this technological world we live in, it is mandatory to strengthen its presence on the World Wide Web. It allows it to take its renown into the digital world and reach more students in the USA as well as abroad.

A UCLA online degree offers flexibility to students to complete their studies. UCLA also offers online summer courses ( to cover the academic needs of people anytime, anywhere.

To take online studies at UCLA, you need to be admitted first through the established application process for all students. UCLA online courses have the same unit value and degree credit as campus courses and its transcripts do not indicate if a course was taken online or on campus. 

Cynthia Bakera year ago

I admit that the internet has been a great invention. It’s great! Well, of course, it depends on the way you use it. But internet education is a good example of its good uses. It’s ok if we can play or look for recipes on it, but it’s even better if it can be a tool to educate or help to improve the education of our children. I’ve surfed a lot to get more information about online courses because I’m interested in getting a degree too. I was really impressed to find so many offers in every field of study and glad to know that many other people are interested in them. I read some reviews and it’s been motivating to know that there are people who have managed to get their online degree! I was also surprised by the cost but I guess that important achievements are never free. 

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