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Can I consider Udemy online courses as my professional course?

The world is ever-changing, and the rate of change provides for new survival tactics in the job market. As a student, I need broad avenues in the education platform to realize my goals. Currently Udemy has many available courses that I would like to consider. With online learning tools, I can do any course that pertains to my passion. I find the courses cheaper than the same courses offered in the colleges. Can I take udemy online courses to be my professional course?

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

1 answer

Melissa Norris on April 26, 2018

I commend your observation regarding the contemporary world issues in the job industry. It is essential to find something that makes you outstanding. Thousands of students are graduating each year in the same field with exceptional results. They all get into the job market. It is imperative to find out excellent ways that make you outstanding from the crowd. Students who understand the demand of the job industry tend to secure jobs more easily than those who miss the point. It is true that from the Academy of you; many courses are related to college coursework.

As a college tutor, I will not advise you to take the udemy online course as a professional course. Most student and parents make mistakes that cost us massively. My son was to join a national college to take a course in finance and banking. He did not like it. While he was browsing, he found affordable online courses which he loved to do. We opted to allow him to take the online course. It did not take him long and, he was done. The problem came when he was looking for employment. That is when we realized that the course did not meet the credit for college education. It was too late, but he had to go back to school.

I would not love to see you fall into the same trap and waste your time. The development such online courses were not to complement the college education. The purpose is to improve the job-associated skills. Such education platforms are coursework for individual corporates and establishments for training their employees. You can use the platforms for developing yourself together with the college education to stand a better chance in the market. Having the online course alone will not benefit you much. It helps the students and overall uses develop the mind regarding the diverse knowledge and applications to customized needs.

As lecturers, in the quest to get more information about a subject to lecture to students, we incorporate learning tools online; it does not mean that we neglect the course books. It only helps users get a more comprehensive understanding of a theme. I encourage you and any other student who might be thinking of taking the udemy courses as his or her professional course not to do that. They can use the same tools while taking the college education. It is an added gain in the job market in as much as the courses do not qualify to be credited in the college education. There is a lot of information that makes one competent rather than only depending on the course books.

Jordan Soto2 years ago

Udemy is one of the online education platforms that I love. Over the four years of study, it was my help. I was able to handle all my assignments and wrote quality papers. I think that students should consider online courses over the college education. Should a student think of the online classes, it is essential to make sure, such courses are from credited universities or colleges. Some online courses are excellent and accepted. Some are for personal benefit as a supplementary course. Most online developments are in place to give diverse information on top of what we have already learned from the institutions. They are education platforms that provide online users with the guidance on the themes they choose to study. Students can use the platforms to benefit themselves from what they are best at doing and learn new ideas on approaching a subject in diverse ways.

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