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Can I Become A Historian By Taking Free Online History Courses?

I can’t stop wondering what actually happened in this world in the past. The civilizations, the activities, wars, the birth of communities among others. What fascinates me the most is the different traditions of people globally. All these traditions have history, and that’s what I feel intrigued to find out. I want to become a historian. However, if I rely on on-campus materials only, I feel like I won’t grasp everything there is to know. Can I benefit a lot from free online history courses? Do the online history classes cover all the topics I wish to know? Is there a comprehensive history internet course that covers the whole globe?

Naomi Doyle

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1 answer

Jodi Brooks on February 2, 2018

The fact that history captivates you is understandable. We are much the same. Typical wisdom says if you really want to know yourself, you have to first take in your history. I too couldn't stop pondering what occurred in the past. I read as many history books I could lay my hands on. By the way, I turned out to be a historian too! I utilize the internet for most of my research, and better believe it; I have discovered exceptionally intriguing materials about the past human civilizations.

To begin with, you will not find one comprehensive history course on the internet that covers everything you want to learn. Yes, there are free online history courses for homeschoolers. However, each of them covers an area of history. Much the same as the way campus courses are isolated into understandable units, so are the online history courses. It's not only for the sake of entertainment. Some are for instructive purposes.

Thus you have to ask yourself. Do you need materials for entertainment only or for study purposes? You can, in any case, take a full college history class online instead of paying for it among the general classes. In like manner, history classes are not only for learning the past. They also incorporate modern history, the social patterns and trends of these circumstances, and how they affect our general public today.

Today, many colleges and universities offer their history courses for free, on the internet. Often there is no accreditation for these courses. Therefore degree-seekers might need to search for online courses that incorporate a possibility for credit. However a few universities like MIT allow some of their courses to be taken as credit towards a general degree.

Students learn history online utilizing 5-10 minute video lessons and self-evaluation tests and practice exams. You can download these sound and video courses straight to your PC. You don't need to partake in assignments if you would prefer not to. However you need to enroll on the site and agree to take the courses. They all have a start and an end date so you should remember that. The video lectures and the materials are open for the individuals who enlisted - you can even now enlist in the vast majority of the courses after the begin date.

The free course material is great since you get a smart thought of what's incorporated and the courses are altogether given by Universities.

Larry Warren2 years ago

You can take online history classes at the MOOCs. The purported MOOCs are huge these days. They are essentially online college courses from different colleges over the globe. The most well-known are edX and coursera. If you want them for fun, just download the videos and skip
the assignments.

There are some truly intriguing Chinese history and culture courses on edX. I greatly suggest looking at them; check whether they have any history related courses you are concerned with. There are courses on Coursera, for example, this one that allow you to access the course material for nothing. However if you need accreditation, then you will have to pay a small amount for the graded material. I think they are extraordinary. The distinction amongst them and the ones you said is that these are not simply lectures put on YT/iTunes, but rather it's a course particularly intended for online use, it has a few assignments, tests, consider bunches on discussions, and so forth.

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