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Can I acquire a free online degree?

I have been on the internet trying to locate the best-accredited online colleges that I can study for credit. I am a busy person so finding time to further my study has been a problem. The internet education has dawned on me as the best available option to enhance my learning experience and thereby advancing my career at the same time. I was recently referred to the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA), but my questions are how do people get UCLA online degrees, do they offer online college courses for credit and can I acquire a free online degree?

Whitney Matthews

in Online Courses

1 answer

1 answer

Blair Lewis on June 18, 2018

First, I must say you have undertaken a significant step to ensure that you secure your career by advancing your studies and the effort you are putting to ensure that you continue to be relevant and competent in your area of specialization. Secondly, I must thank you for asking such a question; many individuals have also tried to inquire about the same question and how they can study on credit constantly. University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA), is a renowned university and one of the oldest accredited undergraduate college in California-united states of America. The university offers quality and world-class academic programs to its students at large. Online degrees program is one of the outstanding programs that the university offers. But to be admitted to the UCLA online degree program, you must be registered first through the established application procedure just like other students. After all the prerequisite registration process, only then that you will be allowed to commence your studies at the university.

The university’s education internet program provides you as the student with the opportunity to continue or to complete your courses or even an entire degree if you wish, in a more flexible and relaxed way. Most people think that enrolling in an open internet degree program is a big deal which is characterized with a lot of hassle, but they are all wrong, in fact, its way easier than the manual registration in that case. Online degree free programs are all-inclusive ranging from a school of arts and social sciences, school of medicine, school of law, school of engineering and the renowned Anderson graduate school of business management. Additionally, certificate/Diploma, masters, and Ph.D./Doctoral programs are also offered.

On the question as to whether the university offers online university studies for credit, I can say that the university does not provide it, but there is financial aid system established to assist college students both within the California state and out of the state. The university accepts financial assistance to its students that can be from either the government or the private sponsorship educational organizations. In most cases, the financial support for tuition fees and personal expenses are usually in loan or grant form depending on the institution that will grant you the aid. The other imperative information that you ought to know is that this financial assistance is usually based on merit and how needy you are. So in any case you see or feel you deserve it, you can go forward and apply for it. 

Jeffrey Rodrigueza year ago

I am very grateful for the information you have provided; I have been meaning to ask the same questions seeing I am also an employee with a tight work schedule that does not allow me to get time to continue with my master’s degree studies. With the numerous online studies programs, I have been considering a variety of options on the best university that provides quality internet education in my field of study, with the detailed explanations; I agree that I have the right information on the college education that will help me advance my educational goals. I am among those people who wanted to know more about the issues of study on credit, with the information granted, I have gained some insight on the way to go concerning financial assistance for those students undertaking degree programs in the university. Thank you so much for providing relevant information that will transform my education. 

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