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Can children go to the Voodoo music festival?

I will be with my children in Louisiana during Halloween and I would like to go to the Voodoo music festival. I do not know if children are allowed. Some festivals only allow fest goers over 21 years old. I like the Voodoo New Orleans event because it is an amazing cultural Voodoo Experience.

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Aaron Lee on October 19, 2018

It is indeed true that most music festivals are addressed to an adult audience because they usually start late in the evening and the most sold beverages are alcoholic drinks. However, this event in Louisiana is an all-age event and does not only comprise the Voodoo festival of music, but also other activities that kids may enjoy doing during the day with their family.

Although an event related to Halloween may seem scary to some children, most of them actually like this festival and find it funny. If your children are too young and if you prefer not to go with them in the evening, you can take them to the festival only during the day. The gates of the festival open each day at 12 p.m.

However, there are some activities like the visit to the most famous haunted houses in the city that are only held in the evenings. The Nightmare Haunted House, for instance, opens at 7:00 p.m. Keep in mind that some events outside the park of the festival, in spite of being nice places for adults to live exciting moments while celebrating Halloween in the city or its surroundings, may be too intense for children under the age of 12.

Art installations inside the park where the music festival is held, with decors related to Halloween, are not very scary. And they are usually the favorite place of children to take family pictures. If your children is 10 years old or under, you will not need to buy another ticket since they can get in free with an adult. If your children is 11 or above, they will need their own ticket.

New Orleans Voodoo festival also includes a local food festival, and there are vendors that offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free food in case you need it. There are many dishes of Cajun food, but you can also find vendors that offer hot dogs, crepes, pizzas, Vietnamese, and Mexican food.
You can take all your family to this festival and experience Voodoo moments together.

Kayla Bowena year ago

I think that the New Orleans Voodoo Festival is one of the best festivals I have attended in my life. It is not only about music or art, but also about food and everything that turns around the local culture. Each year I enjoy going to Louisiana to see the art exhibitions and taste the local food. I like to eat delicious traditional food there, with all types of sauces. I forget about my diet every time I go to Louisiana. I think that it is nice to have a large offer of food, especially there. I usually do not attend all the concerts, because on Sunday I drive back to my place. But I have friends that stay until the end of the festival and they have told me that the performances of the guest artists are always awesome!  

Emily Alexandera year ago

I live in Louisiana and I always go to the Voodoo music festival. I have two small children that go to primary school. They enjoy celebrating Halloween, with all the costumes and makeup, and scaring each other. I like the festival because of the music performances of the guest artists, but I think that the art installations with spooky decorations are the favorite part of most children that attend the festival. And it is great that everyone lives its own Voodoo experience.

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