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Can anyone with experience tell me about the UCLA study abroad program?

I am a high school student currently about to complete my GED in Sweden. I’m hoping to join an internationally accredited institution, maybe one with partnerships with local universities in case I’m not able to get a scholarship. Are there any partner institutions within Sweden or the greater Scandinavia? I’m also looking for a possibility of summer study abroad in the UCLA main campus. If I join the program am I specifically limited to study in Sweden and how do the UCLA credits earned reflect on my transcripts?

Samantha Stevenson

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1 answer

Zach Chandler on January 25, 2018

I’d say you are on the right track to starting your UC dream by making this inquiry. You are absolutely correct, UCLA has a study program for students abroad which allows them to earn UC credits and maintain UC student status. As someone who has gone through the same program although in a different country (Australia), I’d say this was a great opportunity for me to get a degree from a world class university while still being able to do it locally. I always wished to attend the UC main campus in Los Angeles, but due to personal constraints such as cost and the fact that I had to work as I paid my tuition, I had no choice but to settle for a local university in Australia.

That being said, the study abroad by UCLA really helped me get the direction I needed. With the program, you are able to attend a local university that has established partnership with UCLA and get all the markers of what life would be like in the main campus. Over the course of my study, I had the opportunity to interact with students from other UC-affiliated campuses from all around the world, including a short stint at the main campus in California. I initially was a bit disappointed that I’d never leave Canberra (my native city) to go and follow my dream of studying abroad but it seems like it was a blessing in disguise. With the summer study for students abroad I got the chance to attend the main campus for a period of 6 months which really transformed my outlook of things. This gave me the benefit of maintaining credits with the same university albeit in a different study location. Though I’m not exactly sure about the specifics of Swedish study, I did meet some students from Finland and Denmark during my stay in the UC main campus so I’m sure they must have a similar program running there.

One thing that I noticed during my stay there both in Australia and the US is that the program is heavily influenced by American culture. Maybe this is what are looking for as a student which would then be a plus for you. I’d also advise that you check which course units are actually transferrable and which are not once you settle on a university within the program.

Kyle Mckinneya year ago

Most world-class universities have some education abroad program of some sort, as the number of people looking to attend these programs from all over the world far outweigh what their main campuses can support. It would be good if you could first figure out what exactly you want to do or major in at the institution’s Education Office. The UCLA study abroad program has a specific panel for Scandinavian studies and I know of universities in Norway, Sweden and Denmark that offer UC courses. I do know of a B.A in Scandinavian Languages/Cultures although you’d need to confirm if there are other programs offered within the course. I know of this one specifically because my roommate in an exchange program I once attended in UCLA took this as a major. I’d urge you to research more on what courses the program offers as they might be limited for your area.

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