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Can anyone tell me more about universities in Australia and how the education system there is setup, both in undergraduate to graduate studies?

I am an international student looking to get my graduate degree in Australia. I have heard and read that the Australian education system is generally very favorable towards international students, though I am yet to verify this personally. What are Australian university rankings as compared to other major world university rankings and what are the prospects of me getting a six-figure job after getting an MBA in Australia? Is an MBA really the best degree to have?

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on January 25, 2018

Hi there. Australia is one country that has really pushed the limits to open up its borders for international students and I speak this from experience. As an Indian student who attended Monash University, I can attest to the fact that a good percentage of students there are international students. I can tell you for a fact that the quality of life there is great and they always try to give you a feel of being at home away from home. Since you are a student who has already gone through the regular ropes of applying to a university, I am assuming that you know of some of the requirements that you should meet before you apply to such a course of study. Most of these are usually very similar however. From my own personal experience with Australian Universities, their system ranks highly compared to other collegiate systems in the world. Monash University is part of the Group of Eight which is a coalition of the eight leading universities in Australia, both in excellence and innovation. This group also places highly within the world circuit so I’d say studying in Australia will give you a pretty good edge when you’re looking for employment. The University of Adelaide is another university in that group which I’ve had the privilege of attending (for one summer on exchange).

Universities in Australia rank highly in the world rankings with Melbourne, Australian National university, Monash, Adelaide and University of New South Wales placing highly in that list. Some of these are more STEM inclined although they offer diverse and varied courses across the board. Since you want to get an Australian MBA, I’d suggest looking at Melbourne Business School and the University of Sydney Business School. Griffith University also offers a pretty neat MBA and business program and the University of Adelaide also has a stellar reputation when it comes to producing business graduates. Check their alumni networks for more info and specifics. Australia has flexible student visa rules which allow international students to work for a maximum of up to 20 hours a week during the period of the course, although you can get even more hours if you are on study break. This, again is from my own personal experience so you’d need to check with the local consulate or school to see what applies to you.

Kyle Mckinney2 years ago

It’s great that you want to study in Australia. The place has a great environment for international students and I assure you you’ll feel right at home. Universities in Australia offer great experience, in terms of studies, work and social life and the work-life balance. There are different places to get information on working while studying there and it would be a great place to start if you need more info on the same. I’ve been to Sydney and Melbourne and have visited tons of other places during my stay here.
Generally, students tend to keep away from the major cities because they are a bit pricey but the beauty of it is that there is something for everyone. Good luck finding the right school!

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