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Can anyone offer a review of Mathway?

My son is struggling with math. His performance in the subject has been dismal since the second part of last school year. This issue has led me to start offering him math hw help. However, I am not as good as I thought. I often experience troubles with some topics. I do not even know where to start. My son needs help with algebra problems, and I am unable to offer it due to my limited understanding of the topic. Is Mathway a good site for math practice?

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on March 20, 2018

Math Way will be quite beneficial to your son’s mathematical needs. It provides accurate and quick solutions to math queries that you input. You can download the math way app and use it offline at home. To ensure that your son learns the most from the homework help sessions, infuse mathway in his study. This website provides correct answers to all the questions. Note that your son will not be able to view the step-by-step approaches to tackling the queries unless you upgrade to an annual or monthly subscription plan.


Intelligent, quick, and correct: this service offers solutions to problems from all math topics. Your son will get educative help with problems in algebra, calculus, statistics, and trigonometry. Moreover, mathway crosses the boundary discipline and provides solutions to specific topics in chemistry. These topics include identifying the number of molecules in the matter and evaluating the behavior of gases. Whenever you post a question to this site, you will get an instant correct answer. The site cross-checks the solutions to avoid providing erroneous results. No problem is impossible on mathway. It gives accurate answers to ‘difficult’ questions in math such as evaluating limits that are close to infinity and calculating X and Y intercepts.

Neat design: On top of the mathway webpage, there is a toolbar that allows you to choose the topic of mathematics you require help in. This process is quite fast. There are other buttons right below the toolbar that help you to explain your problem quickly.

Geometric features put in the main window are beautifully arranged.  Navigation buttons such as Save, Help, Undo, Cancel, and Redo are on the right-hand side of the webpage to allow for easy navigation.

Useful examples: This site does not have a tutorial. Nonetheless, it contains a list of all the queries that it can tackle. The ‘?’ button shows the different types of the math problems that can be solved. When you pick one category, you access an example that helps you solve your math problem.


You have to upgrade to get the best learning experience: you will be required to upgrade your account even after registering to access the step-by-step feature. This feature shows you how to arrive at a particular answer. The subscription costs are $99 per year and $19.99 per month.

The buttons are too tiny when accessed using a tablet.

Kurt Price2 years ago

I have been using mathway since middle school. This application was quite helpful in helping me understand middle school math topics such as algebra 1. Currently, I am using it to study finite math and graphing, and I must admit this app has been a lifesaver. This service can be used on various devices such as iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Fire phone, and Kindle Fire. Moreover, using this application will develop essential learning skills in your son. These include self-direction skills (initiative, academic development, working to attain specific goals, self-assessment) and reasoning and thinking skills (problem-solving, critical thinking, defining problems).

The step-by-step feature of the paid version is quite helpful in helping you understand how to arrive at an answer. It allows you to work your way back from the solution. This approach provides an educative revision to the learner. I recommend this application for helping your son in mathematics.

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