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Can anyone help me with tips on how to speak English fluently?

I need tips on how to speak English fluently. I am almost through with high school education, but I can’t speak English well. I have talked to friends about this to no avail. Some have indicated that easy English speaking tips can be found on many websites, but they do not seem to know which ones. Because I’m yearning to know how to talk in English with minimal mistakes, I have browsed websites, but none meets my ambition. I need your help because I want to speak English.

Megan Page

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on April 25, 2018

Before you engage anyone else, begin with yourself. There are several activities you can do that will help to improve your English speaking. Eventually, you will have to find a professional tutor to help you. Even then, your progress will mainly depend on you. Here are some tips.

  1. Read aloud, sing, recite and talk. Reading aloud is like speaking. It is even better if you have someone around who knows the language well enough. They can help you with the pronunciation of certain words. Singing loosens your tongue around certain words and sounds. Reciting poems has a similar effect. Songs and poems also provide you with new words which meaning you should check out. You should speak English as much as possible to the people around you. They will correct you as you go along. Eventually, this will improve your language. These are the first baby steps on how you can speak English fluently.
  2. Enforce this learning procedure with formal classes. I know you want an easy path to English speaking. However, classes are inevitable. What the people around you can’t help you with, a professional instructor can. Go for classes that emphasize on speaking. There you will get to practice in pairs or as a group thus making learning easier. In case you can’t find such a convenient place in your neighborhood, then online classes are equally viable. You can register for such classes at Oxford English Online. Speaking lessons are provided for free on the site, and you can start immediately.  
  3. It also helps to try to follow the dialogue in movies, watch the news on television and radio. This will help you to pick up useful daily vocabulary. If the words on these go too fast, then you can watch commentary on documentaries and some sports like football, on television. The speakers here move slower so that you can catch what they say easily. You can then gradually start following the faster speech on the other programs. You will learn how to talk like them in English.
  4. Finally, you are not the only one improving your English. Even native speakers still learn new words and expressions every day. So do not feel discouraged by slow progress. Just keep working because eventually what you want is to speak English. With these continuous efforts, you will find your level of fluency in speech.

Charles McAleara year ago

Learning a language is a lifelong process. What most people have is a level of competence that enables them to communicate freely with other language speakers. Nevertheless, even such people learn new things daily. What you want is to achieve that competence. Unfortunately, you may focus more on what you still don’t know, than what you already know. The best tip on how to talk in English is to keep trying, just as you have been told. Still, you need to shift focus from what you don’t know, to what you know. Language is one of those things which we build on a foundation. You start somewhere and then move forward. The main impediment to this process is fear. The fear that you will make a mistake. You should just make mistakes and correct them as you keep progressing. Later on you will find that you have really improved your speech.

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