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Can anyone give me valuable information about the education reform act?

I have to write an article about the education reform act that took place in 1988. I would like to know about the most important things needed to have an effective and a successful education reform. I know that there have been many government education reforms that took place in the past, but there are still some people who are anti education reform. Some more information about that would also be appreciated. Thank you!

James Washington

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1 answer

1 answer

Ralph Lopez on July 16, 2018

I think I may help you with the information you are looking for. During my career, I have seen many changes when it came to the overall educational system in the United Kingdom. People seem to change their minds more often than before, as a lot of people want to guarantee to achieve the best results, but plans do not always seem to work the perfect way that many people expect. That is why a government education reform is called for from time to time, which is necessary in some cases, but it does not always make all the people satisfied with the results. In general, one could say that education in the UK has improved significantly compared to how it was many years ago, and everyone should be grateful for that and thankful for the people who always did their best to improve the educational process in our country.
The act of education reform that took place in 1988 is mainly the most important piece of education legalization in the UK since the last education act that took place many years ago in 1944. After it was applied, parents started having a choice of the school they want to send their child to. Another part of the act was the introduction of City Technology Colleges and Grant-maintained schools, which added more freedom and authority to the governors and head teachers of the schools. In general, a successful educational reform would require some aspects that need to be applied, and in my opinion, the most important of them are building necessary coalitions for change with the help of teachers and parents, allowing talented young people to work as teachers if they want to, and establishing monthly meetings between the governors of each school so that they can collaborate and work together on improving the overall educational process. Effective leadership and commitment are also very important, and that is the main reason why directors and other staff of each school need to be chosen wisely. The people who are anti educational reform mainly focus on the results, and they are totally right, as an education reform would be useless if students did not start getting better scores and results in their exams. However, this could be different from a place to another, as education reforms have also achieved many significant results over the years. 

Jordan Sotoa year ago

I totally agree with the answer above when it comes to the necessary aspects that need to be applied to guarantee to have an effective and a successful education reform. I personally think that efficient and enthusiastic young people with leadership skills are needed to work on sustaining the goals of educational reforms to guarantee to achieve the best results. In addition, teachers and parents really need to cooperate in dedicated educational programs so that they can share feedback with each other and make sure that children are really learning and enjoying the overall educational process. I agree that educational reforms are made mainly by the government and are also applied everywhere, but I believe that they should be different from a place to another. I am from the US and we have many people of different nationalities and mindsets. So, what may work well in a certain state does not mean it would work the same way in another one. 

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