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Can an 11 year old get a job?

Kaitlin Dean

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1 answer

1 answer

Melissa Norris on February 15, 2019

a lot of jobs..heres some..... . Work that I can think of that a child of 11 years old may be hired doing is Delivering Newspapers. She can do a lot of other things to earn money though, she could cut the grass, clean peoples yards or family members houses, collect cans, walk dogs, if she likes doing things like making bracelets or necklaces, you could make them and sell them, have a garage sale. Just tell her to ask her parents to give you some ideas on how to make money, maybe they'll have a couple of things that we're going to do to pay! ALSO.. Babysitting= do you have any friends who need a babysitter? Not only will we give you the have to win. It will be beneficial for her to learn how to work at an early age. The child labor laws usually require that the child must be at least 14 before they can obtain a work permit. There are exceptions for the entertainment industry, but it is strictly regulated. A girl of 11 years, the best option is to work for the family and friends, doing odd jobs.Or you can bag things in a market or sometng in that type. I am 11 and I would love a weekend of work, such as helping in a charity shop or in the local shop or see if the church needs any help, but I'm just a little bit young x No there is not. Maybe you should be enjoying your child hood, instead of looking for a job/ Your still young. But if you want some money, you can go around the neighbors to see if you can do something by example. The cleaning of the yard/court...Good luck!

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