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Can a title loan be deducted in chapter 13 bankruptcy I have a title loan on my car and am filing chapter 13 - but the trustee is objecting based on re Ransom?

Mindee Nelson

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Annie Barnes on July 12, 2018

Make sure that the trustee is the objection. Because you are making payments on your car, Ransom v. America bank , means the amount of money that would be required to pay would be less if you do not have a title loan. The trustee wants you to pay the loan before declaring bankruptcy. Update: I have not been making the payments - I thought that the chapter 13 to make payments when I send the receiver for my monthly payment. I guess the question is: is a title loan consider a secured loan. I would like to check the loan company to ensure that you are receiving the payment. I don't want to assume anything. I just read Rescue. I do not trust the trustees. If you walk in and pay the loan with a piece of paper and get a written receipt and send the receipt to the trustee and keep a copy-there can be no doubt. In this way, your car cannot be repossessed and the trustee may not stab you in the back for not paying the loan. Then, when your car is repossessed, he can't take the money that would have been used to pay for your loan and you have to use to pay your other creditors. (MORE)

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