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Can a teacher portal be a good way to motivate teachers?

Students’ success does not only come out of their efforts but also through teachers' dedication. To experience high performance in schools, it is imperative for teachers to get motivated. I presume it is the reason why dept of education staff portal was developed to bring teachers together to learn from each other. The classic example of Thompson education merge of teachers can be one of the ways to bring teachers together. Teachers' unity can be enhanced for the same. All I want to know now is if the teacher portal can be used to motivate them.

Samantha Stevenson

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1 answer

Kathy Robinson on August 17, 2018

Bringing people together from different institutions can have various results. Either it can work out to be positive, or it can be a way that destroys the teachers' unity experienced in individual institutions. The new information can make some teachers feel that they are doing extra for less pay. Especially when it is in private schools, were teachers earn differently. The incitement can reduce the teachers' dedication to deliver the best with the internal drive. However, if it is public school teachers, who earn according to their grading, it is possible to get the positive results.

As a person interested in the students’ education and development, regarding the matters of performance, I would like to state categorically that the teacher portals are grand avenues to instill the motivation to teachers to help students and pupils get better results and compete favorably. It is because teachers from different schools have a place to access information. They can ask their colleagues from high performing schools what they do to make them outstanding. They will be motivated to have their students be among the top. Such positive drive will allow them to develop a new way of doing things to help their students.

Motivation comes from a demonstrated effort that many teachers lack. The department of education in charge of staff portal had an excellent idea to develop the portal because that is one way of providing broad mind to some teachers. While teachers share, they can find common ground to work much better to reach the best level of delivering quality to learners. I am sure it is possible to motivate the teachers. What they need is a shared story of what happens in different areas and how to apply them in their specific areas. Motivation comes in packages and for various reasons. In this case, helping students to achieve better results is the reason that will give them motivation. Many avenues can bring teachers together and get them motivated. Some include seminars, where they share everyday things and get selected speakers to share related topics. The interaction gives them a universal need of helping their schools to rank higher. Teachers portals help tutors from across the world have a common place to share and interact online. Thompson's educational drive is to give the right motivation to ensure education is on the rise. In the same way, the portals can have the same mandate and provide the right motivation to teachers.

Jessie Thompsona year ago

It is incredible to have teachers' unity especially on issues that affect learners. Having such meetings is rare. Many of the meetings that are held are for the teachers' welfare. They speak on their issues and neglect the students need. The provision of ways that allow teachers meet to discuss on students development is unique and commendable. I am so happy to hear the progress. It is true that the development of the dept of education staff portal is an efficient way to motivate teachers across the world. As a teacher, I believe that having the entrances will help us air our views and understand why different schools perform better than others do. Having the right information will help others to do what is needed to help learners achieve better results than waiting with no information at all. 

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