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Can a sixteen year old be a senior?

Jennifer Patterson

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on September 28, 2019

Yes, a teenager of sixteen years of age may be greater. In many of the private schools, the students are able to start Kindergarten when they are four years of age. This could cause the student to begin their last year at the age of sixteen and ends at the age of seventeen. In addition, a student may be able to achieve the same feat by skipping a grade. This is more common with the lower grades, but it may go all the way up to the eleventh grade. Extremely advanced students may even be able to skip more than a year before graduation. In addition, some students may have early birthdays (usually in August or early September) that allow them to start public school early. Any of these things is going to allow a senior to start the school year at the age of sixteen, and a combination of more than one could allow a student to graduate from high school at sixteen or even younger.

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