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Can a mother put a 22-year-old man in jail for having an intimate relationship with her 17-year-old daughter who has graduated from high school?

Nicholas Rivera

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1 answer

Annie Barnes on December 26, 2019

Response . Depends on the state in which they live. In Ohio, for example, yes, absolutely it is called rape, the legal age is 18 for consent. Other states have different age guide lines of some as young as 14. . A parent can not put someone in jail. You can file a complaint with the authorities and the complaint will be sent to the office of the prosecutor attorneys office to be judged on whether or not any action is justified. . The AOC determines what if any charges are applicable. Some states have laws that also relate to the age of the discrepancies between the adult and the child. . Statutory rape is rarely applicable, except in cases with extenuating circumstances. Usually the person accused must be a previous sex offender or use coercive methods, such as the alcohol or a person of authority, like a teacher, coach, public servant, and so on.

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