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Can A Fake College Degree Be A Way Out?

I am into teaching stuff.  Let me just say that I'm so good at it. I got a great connection with students and those I have privately tutored always show great results and like my work. Now, I do not have a degree in education. I was only able to get a diploma due to some circumstances, and there was this really good job somewhere that my friend connected me. The problem is, they need someone who has a masters degree in computer science for the job. I know I can teach well given a chance. So, I am thinking of just acquiring a fake college degree to go with it. Just something to show that I have been through the postgraduate courses and succeeded.  For those people who have tried it, how did it go with you? Were you successful? How did you do it?

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on April 11, 2018

One of my associate at a startup was found to have a phony degree when we were procured, and the expansive organization completed a background examination on all specialized staff. He said he had a degree in software engineering from Cornell. He was a fine software engineer, superior to me; however, he was let go promptly. His better half additionally left him. So that didn't work out super well for him. He's currently accepted a position and he was compelled to acknowledge a much lower paying position than he had some time recently.

My recommendation (for what it's worth) is that it fills little need. In the end, you'll get caught. Background checks to confirm your education history is becoming more common. What if they do that to you?  What if they run the name of the school you claim to have attended and then it comes out as a degree mill? It’s pretty simple to pick out fake college degrees from a certification mill. Faking a certificate will ruin your life.

Degree mill sites today work with various levels of nuance and modernity.  A few sites state that one's previous work experience can total course credits.  Others request courses for postgraduate study and assignments for seven days. In any case, make sure not to get influenced by such unfounded claims, as no college degree – not to mention a masters degree in computer sciences– comes as easily as seven days' worth assignments.

Others pretend to be genuine colleges, giving you assignments that will never be checked as others claim a subscription membership to keep up your certification, backed up by fake employment references.

Well, it may work in such fields that experience matters more than certification, but not in sensitive areas like education. Unless you don’t plan on teaching in the USA. You will pay lots of cash for something that may destroy you rather than help you.

If you have a proven record of your outstanding capabilities, just take that with you to that job application. Something got out of honesty lasts more than faked success.

Kindly don't squander your cash on a phony degree. The hubbubs about requiring a degree in specific sorts of occupations are accurate, however, you don't settle that by paying cash to a trickster that can't help you.

I must disclose to you this with all assurance:

  • You're squandering your cash
  • You're squandering your chance
  • You're executing your validity
  • Recruiters will get you

Eric Bates2 years ago

During my 10 years working in academic integrity research, I've run over numerous techniques students use to guarantee capabilities they don't merit. My work on contract swindling, where students pay others to complete their evaluations, uncovered a system of students hoping to develop their degree one phony task at any given moment. Purchasing an entire capability, by and large, goes past this, going around any shot that students have of learning.

The pressure of getting a professional education has turned out to be more than at any other time in recent memory. While a couple of decades back, a secondary school confirmation appeared to be flawlessly fulfilling, individuals are presently attempting to get a Doctorate Degree.

This has increased the chances of students getting pulled in for a fake college degree.  But as discussed above, these people are eventually caught. Recently, there has been a crackdown on fake degree mills, and who knows? You may be caught in the wave and lose all you’ve worked for.

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