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Calculate the standard potential, e∘, for this reaction from its equilibrium constant at 298 k. x(s)+y4+(aq)↽−−⇀x4+(aq)+y(s)k=4.98×10−5

Theresa Perry

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1 answer

1 answer

Nicholas Rivera on July 10, 2018

In the first place, we need to get the number of moles:from the equation of the reaction when Y4+ takes 4 electrons and became y, X loses 4 electrons and became X4+ ∴ the number of moles n = 4we are going to use this formula:㏑K = n *F *E/RTwhen K is the equilibrium constant = 4.98 x 10^-5, and F is the Faraday constant = 96500and the constant R = 8.314 and T is temperature in degrees Kelvin = 298 Kand n is the number of moles of electrons = 4 so, by substitution:㏑4.98 x 10^-5 = 4*96500*E / 8.314*298∴E = -0.064 V

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