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Calculate the percent composition by mass of each element in kclo2.

William Cain

in Chemistry

1 answer

1 answer

Jodi Brooks on October 15, 2018

To find the percentage of the composition of KCLO(2), calculate the total mass of the molecule, K is 39.0983 g/mol, Cl has 35.4532 g/mol, and / Or(2) is 31.99886 g/mol. This is the synthesis of 106.5501 g/mol. Then, we find the percentages of each element: K would have (39.0983/106.5501) = 0.366948 or 36.6948%, Cl would have (35.4532/106.5501) = 0.332737 or 33.2737%, and Or(2) would be (31.99886/106.5501) = 0.300318, or 30.0318%. Adding these three percentages gives 100.0003%, which is within the range of a rounding error.

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