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Calculate the nuclear binding energy for 5525mn in megaelectronvolts per nucleon (mev/nucleon).

Craig Stewart

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1 answer

1 answer

Amanda Johnson on January 18, 2019

To resolve this issue, first let's calculate the number of all the nucleons will weigh when they are separated, that is: the Mass of 25 protons = 25(1.0073) = 25.1825 amu The mass of the neutron = (55-25)(1.0087) = 30.261 amu Thus, the total mass of the nucleons = 30.261+25.1825 = 55.4435 amu Now we subtract the mass of the nucleons and the mass of the Mn core: 55.4435 - 54.938 = 0.5055 amu This difference in mass is what we call as the mass defect of a core. Now we can calculate the binding energy using the formula: E=mc^2 But first you have to convert the mass defect in si units (kg): Δm = 0.5055 amu = (0.5055) / (6.022x10^26) Δm = 8.3942x10^-28 kg Now applying the formula, E=Δm c^2 E=(8.3942x10^-28)(3x10^8)^2 E=7.55x10^-11 J to Convert the energy from Joules to mev, then divide by the total number of nucleons (55):E = 7.55x10^-11 J * (6.242x10^12 mev / 1 J) / 55 nucleonsE = 8.57 mev / nucleon

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