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Calculate the frequency of the n = 6 line in the Lyman series of hydrogen.

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

1 answer

Annie Barnes on January 14, 2019

Lyman Series of Work from the Formula:1/λ = RH (1-(1/n^2)): n = 6RH = the constant of Rydberg = 1.0968x10^7 m^-1c = speed of light = 3x10^8 m/sRequired: Frequency (in Hertz or cycles per second)Solution:to solve the λ, we substitute the given in the work of formula1/λ = RH (1-(1/n^2))1/λ = 1.0968x10^7 m^-1 (1-(1/6^2))λ = 0.0000000938 m or 93.8 nm To obtain the frequency, we will use the following formula. f = c/λ, We then replace c or the speed of light,f = (3x10^8 m/s) / 0.0000000938 m therefore,f = 3.2x10^15 s^-1ANSWER: Frequency = 3.2x10^15 s^-1

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