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C3H6(OH)2 major species present when dissolved in water

Kristi Hammond

in Chemistry

1 answer

1 answer

Megan Page on February 4, 2019

Answer: the main species present when C₃H₆(OH)₂ is of the same molecule.Explanation:When solutes are dissolved in the water there are two possibilities: 1) the solute is dissociated into ions (which is the case of ionic compounds) and the ions are solvated by the solvent, or 2) in the case of the compounds covalent bonds throughout the molecule is solvated by the molevules of the solvent (water).The compound C₃H₆(OH)₂ (propylene glycol) is a covalent compound, so that, when dissolved in water do not dissociate, but remain as a molecule, and that molecules of the species is solvated by the water molecule.

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