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Bachelors in accounting but wish to get into nursing Should you get an associates or go into a masters program?

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

1 answer

Tara Andrews on November 14, 2018

Because you already have bachelors, one option that is the shortest in terms of time, energy and expense, is an associates in science of nursing. Some credits will be transferred toquarter of your grade, however, if you have not completed the prerequisites particular to nursing, it will take approximately three years. If you have, it will still take close to two years, due to the sequential nature of the professional phase nursing courses. In other words, typically for most nursing curriculum's you will have to complete the following (if not already done so). Human anatomy and physiology I . Human anatomy and physiology II . Microbiology . Chemistry (inorganic, organic, and biochemistry) . Composition in English . Psychology in General . The psychology of the child . Sociology . Humanities electives . In addition, there is pharmacology. Some schools include this within the first phase of the nursing course, while others as a single course. I understand that has completed at least some of the above within your bachelors degree. What you have not, you will need to complete. I recommend completing all of the above before attempting to enter the professional phase courses because of the intensity of the program. Some schools will combine some of the above with nursing courses, which for many students proves too much and the wind is abandonment or not. After the above is completed, it will still take approximately two years to complete the rest of the program with each nursing course taking one semester to complete as follows.. Nursing I (first semester) . Nursing II (second semester) . Nursing III (third semester) . Nursing IV (fourth semester) . The foregoing is only a general overview of how most nursing programs are designed. Others may vary slightly. Therefore, as you can see, your heart should really be in this. All of this is possible for you; however, you have to be 100% committed.

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