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Asi fue Write sentences from the elements provided. Use reciprocal reflexives and the preterite of the verbs. 1. ayer/Felipe y Lola/enviar/ mensajes por correo electronico.. 2. Raul y yo/ encontrar/ en el centro de computacion. 3.Mis abuelos/ querer/ mucho toda la vida. 4. Los protagonistas de la pelicula/ abrazar y besar/ al final. 5. esos hermanos/ ayudar/ a conseguir trabajo.

Craig Stewart

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on June 23, 2018

1. Yesterday, Philip and Lola were sent messages by e-mail to your friends.2. Raul and I found the un mouse in the computer center.3. My grandparents want a lot to the whole family.4. The protagonists of the film embraced and kissed each other at the end.5. These brothers helped a woman to get a job.

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