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As part of the Omaha Platform, the People’s Party demanded that A. people who made more money pay a lower percentage in taxes. B. companies and corporations should not have to pay any taxes at all. C. a graduated income tax system be implemented to benefit the wealthy. D. people who made more money pay a higher percentage in taxes

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

Kathy Robinson on November 20, 2018

D. people more money pay a higher percentage in taxesThe popular Party, or Populist, I wanted to be a tax put in place that would require the rich to pay a higher percentage of the taxes of the lower income. Many of the goals of the Populist Party were to overthrow the power and the wealth in the top 1% to make them contribute more to the general welfare of the country. The income tax would bring in more revenue, and reduce the wealth of the most powerful. This would also allow the government to reduce the taxes paid by the farmers for the use of transport systems.

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