7 Most Underrated US Colleges

While some popular schools such as Harvard, Yale, or Stanford are household names, other great American colleges still keep a low profile. Most of these schools are unfairly being overlooked by both parents and students. But they are really wrong because some of these less popular schools give great education, open career opportunities, and have reasonable tuition fees. So here is the list of 7 great American colleges that are unjustly underrated.

7 Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University is considered to be one of the greatest American tech schools which opens great career opportunities to its alums.

Where: Lubbock, TX

Overall score: 93.0

6 University of Utah

University of Utah is among the most underrated schools in the USA, however, it provides its students with great education.

Where: Salt Lake City, UT

Overall score: 93.3

5 University of Idaho

University of Idaho opens huge career opportunities, in spite of being an underrated college.

Where: Moscow, ID

Overall score: 93.7

4 Santa Clara University

Santa Clara University is not a household name, but still it gives great career opportunities and education.

Where: Santa Clara, CA

Overall score: 94.0

3 University of Missouri 

University of Missouri is unfairly underrated, however, it offers a vast variety of great study programs.

Where: Columbia, MO

Overall score: 94.0

2 University of Wyoming

University of Wyoming might not be very famous, but its study programs are just wonderful.

Where: Laramie, WY

Overall score: 94.0

1 Washington State University

Despite of being underrated, Washington State University is one of the greatest American schools.

Where: Pullman, WA

Overall score: 94.0

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